September 2022


Dear Parents/Carers


I am writing to formally introduce myself as the new Achievement Team Leader (ATL), for your child in Year 8, from September 2022. I am absolutely delighted to be working with this year group, supporting each and every student as they aim to achieve their full potential.


As ATL, it is my role to support, encourage and monitor your child to ensure progress is made. I expect them to fulfil the academy expectations at all times: Be Ready, Be Safe and Be Respectful whilst also demonstrating our core values of Generosity, Respect, Justice, Forgiveness and Truth. I will foster a positive atmosphere with my year group where all students feel valued and understand our joint responsibility for developing their academic, emotional and social skills; so they are able to fulfil their potential and go on to be successful young adults.


The tutor team is extremely positive about the attitude and behaviour of the group and I am excited to see what their time in Year 8 – 9 will bring. Our new tutor team will consist of the following staff:


8G Mrs Karen Regan [email protected]
8R Mr Peter Short [email protected]
8E Mr Tomas Massey [email protected]
8A Ms Iulia Apostol [email protected]
8T Mrs Deb McBride [email protected]
8GREAT Mrs Lindsay Shutes [email protected]


Additional support staff in the Year 8 team:

Mr John Hancock – SLT – [email protected] 

Mr George Graham – SPL – [email protected]

Mrs Monica Choudhry – LTA

Mrs Rosie Fox-Connor – Safeguarding Support Officer

Mrs Laura Purbrick – Science CPL


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the tutor or most relevant member of staff by email. I am looking forward to a successful year of positive, enthusiastic and diligent students who are beginning to prepare themselves for further education and the world of work.


Yours sincerely


Mrs J Elston

Achievement Team Leader Year 8

[email protected]