21st March 2022


Year 11 Awards Evening and Valediction Ceremony


Dear Parents of Year 11 Students


The Awards Evening and Valediction Ceremony for our Year 11 students will take place on Thursday 5th May 2022 at 6.00pm prompt. On the occasion of the Valedictory Celebration, all Year 11 students are hereby invited to join together to celebrate their five years at The St Lawrence Academy. We know this will be a memorable and enjoyable event and we are able to offer two additional tickets, but only to students who are receiving prizes and who would like members of their family to attend.


The awards are mainly of an academic nature and are based on the final teacher assessment grades and completed modular examinations as well as the top achiever in each subject being awarded with a subject trophy.


Valediction Trophies presented on the evening will include:


  • ATL Trophy: Prefectship. This is awarded to students who have demonstrated roles of Leadership.


  • Headteacher’s Shield. This is given to the student for Leadership and Service, at the Headteacher’s discretion.


  • Work Experience Award. For the student for whom we received a glowing report for Work Experience.


  • Dux Scholar Award. For the student who is overall top achiever based on academic data.


  • Outstanding Progress Award. For the student who has progressed the most over their 5 years in the academy.


  • Service Above Self Award. For the student who has made a significant contribution to life in the academy beyond the call of duty. 


  • Fortitude & Courage Award. For the student who has overcome obstacles and difficulties to be their best possible self.


  • House Core Value Award. For the student who has best represented the values of the academy through the House system



I would like to wish all students the very best in their preparation for their examinations and believe that through hard work and support from parents/carers, all goals will be achieved.


Yours sincerely


Miss Sally Walker

Achievement Team Leader Year 11