Dear Parents/Carers

This year started with great uncertainty and thankfully finished feeling very much like the academy of old, full of trips, visits, experiences and events. Added to this a full and comprehensive exam series for Year 11.

During the last term we have said our farewells to Year 11 students, the Year 10 prefect team has been elected and we have embraced a series of events that have created new and varied opportunities. Our new Year 7 students for September, 2022, will start at the academy after a series of transition days and activities this summer on Tuesday 6th September. I am sure the students are excited about starting at the academy and that they will be a huge success, as our class of 2027!

We were oversubscribed again with over 20 families going to appeal to try to get a place with us. We are genuinely humbled by your desire to be with us and it does not go unnoticed. In September we will have our largest ever number of children at the academy, around 785 in total.

As we always welcome new students and say farewell to those who are leaving us, we also do the same with our staff. Leaving us at the end of this year will be:

  • Petrina Longstaff – Curriculum & Standards Manager & Senior Leadership Team member. Petrina is retiring after spending 19 years with us. We wish her well.
  • Liz Nikolaidis – After being with us for 7 years Liz and her whole family are relocating to Birmingham and we wish them well in the next chapter of their lives.
  • Kerry Harrison – Another new venture for a staff member as Kerry is moving into a role of conservation after spending 4 years with us here. Good luck.
  • Mathew Smith – Mathew is joining another school locally in the next stage of his professional journey. 

I am sure you join me in wishing these staff well and in thanking them for all the support and help they have given the students at the academy.

This is also a time to welcome and celebrate some fantastic staff joining us in September:

  • Eddie Wraith joins us as a Maths teacher and we are hugely excited for what he will be able to offer us.
  • Neelem Modaher will be joining us as a Science teacher

As a result of these appointments, we have been able to afford some leadership positions to some of our staff who have been with us over time.

  • Michelle Hill will now become our second in charge of Science and we wish her well. An outstanding teacher and role model for our children.

Within the summer term we also made some new appointments in a variety of different areas. We extend our welcome and thanks to,

  • Iulia Apostol who has accepted a job as our second MFL teacher
  • Charlotte Chelotti who has begun her teaching career with us as an English teacher
  • Rosie Fox-Connor started work as our Safeguarding Support Officer.

Our staffing can always be viewed by clicking on the link shared below and from here you can also make contact with staff via their email addresses.

GREAT Expectations

In addition to our 5 core values of Truth, Justice, Respect, Forgiveness and Generosity, we continue to promote and embed our 3 Academy GREAT Expectations for all our academy community.

  • Be Ready – on time, correct equipment, uniform, attitude.
  • Be Safe – being calm and thoughtful, keeping yourself and others safe.
  • Be Respectful – this is an essential and core part of what we believe to be the basic expectation of all who are a part of the academy.

The St Lawrence Academy Uniform

It is essential that we maintain high standards of appearance and uniform. We have attached our Uniform Policy as a reminder about our expectations in relation to uniform. 

  • Uniform can be purchased either online or in person with details below. OR in person at

Shah’s uniform supplier on West Street, Scunthorpe. (the NEW PE top & black hoodie can only be purchased from Shah’s)

  • Long, painted or acrylic nails are not allowed at the academy
  • Skirts must not be of a tight and stretchy material and all skirts must be appropriate in length. If Y7, Y8 or Y9 students choose to wear a skirt it must be the TSLA branded skirt available from Shah’s.
  • Please do not allow your child to have a new piercing towards the end of the holidays as there are no exceptions to our rule on jewellery, which is a maximum of one stud in each or one ear lobe and a watch.
  • Please ensure any extreme hairstyles/hair colours are reversed for the return to school in September.
  • No jumpers, hoodies or jackets are permitted to be worn under blazers.

From September, the academy PE kit is ESSENTIAL. Students must have the correct PE kit.


We run a detention system and this is a whole academy system and detentions will be held every day after school up to 45 minutes. These will be communicated to you and we will be expecting the support from our families in students attending these. Refusing to attend detentions will mean an increase in sanction.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones should not be seen in the academy; if they are seen or heard they will be confiscated. If a student brings one into the academy, and it is lost or stolen, we will not take any responsibility. If a student needs to contact home during the day they can use one of our telephones. The use of mobile phones is a distraction to learning and there are serious consequences for students who take photos or videos in the academy and then share them on social media.


We would like to remind you that the academy is a smoke free zone anywhere on the premises. This also includes vapes, which may be confiscated if a student brings one on site or if caught smoking this may lead to further consequences. 

The Academy Day 

These can be seen below. The important thing to note here is the start of the day for all year groups is 8.30am. We encourage students to arrive into the building no later than 8.20am.

Students will be dismissed from the academy at the following times:

  • Monday 3.45pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 2.45pm
  • Friday: end of lessons 1.15pm, students can stay for lunch up to 1.30pm

GDPR/Data Protection Act

Throughout the year we encourage staff to take photographs of our students learning or when they are out on school trips. We like to put up displays around the academy to celebrate student achievements and we also want to continue developing our website/social media platforms.

You need to give your permission to display images for celebratory purposes of your child. We are regularly visited by the media to celebrate the talents of your children as we always try to promote their successes when we can. Please ensure you have completed or updated the consent form which we send to you, oir you can update your preference on the Arbor APP. 

Use of technologies

Can I please ask you all to monitor your child’s use of their phone/computer at home in relation to social media, as sometimes they may use it inappropriately or they may be sharing too much personal information.  It would be wise to check their privacy settings so that they are not sharing information too widely, as sometimes this can result in safeguarding concerns. 

TikTok in particular is an increasing point of concern. We have worked tirelessly nationally and with the Police this year and we will not hesitate to take the appropriate forms of action if social media use is abused.

Medical information

Our Student Services provide a basic first aid service for all students but they do not give specific medical advice.  If an illness or injury occurs outside of school hours it is your responsibility to follow this up, please do not rely on us to do so. Any medication, if sent into the academy, must always be in the original packaging and clearly labelled, and a consent form completed. Antibiotics must be managed at home, not in the academy. 

If you believe your child requires a specific Health Care Plan for school and this is not already in place, please contact student services to discuss.

We want to work in partnership with you to make sure that the academy can provide the best possible education for your children. We recognise how important it is to have the support of all the staff, parents, carers and students and we hope that our partnership with you will continue to grow over the coming years. Our mission statement reflects our vision: Transforming Lives and we are very optimistic about the future, especially after having had another very successful yet disrupted year. 

Operation Encompass

We are an Operation Encompass School. Operation Encompass is a partnership between police and schools. One of the principles of Operation Encompass is that all incidents of domestic abuse are shared with schools, not just those where an offence can be identified. Mrs West, DSL, will be informed of all domestic instances that the police have attended.

Food Bank

We are a distributor of Food Bank Vouchers. Please contact us if you need this support.


The academy operates a cashless system in the diner and for all purchases. Cards are issued to all students to purchase items from the diner and to access any free school meal allowance daily.  The first card is issued free but you will need to purchase a new card if your child loses it.. Funds can be added to the card by purchasing school meals using your ParentPay account,  All payments for trips, visits and resources are also cashless and paid online.  If you need your Parentpay log on details please contact us.

Moving forwards

We have appointed some fantastic staff at the academy for the start of the new academic year who are very excited about their new roles and being part of The St Lawrence Academy. We believe we have an excellent team of staff who will inspire your children to do their best.

In September, students will need to be organised and plan in advance. They will need to:

  • be on time for the start of the day and arrive in good time.
  • have the correct uniform including shoes and not trainers.
  • bring the correct equipment for learning (pen and pencil as a minimum expectation).
  • bring their PE kit (The St Lawrence Academy PE kit only) on PE days.
  • bring their student ID card every day. If misplaced they can be reordered on Parent Pay.
  • be prepared to complete homework when it is set.

Communicating with us

If you need to get in touch with a staff member around either a subject or a year group matter then please see the Contact List where a list of staff contacts are supplied. Please go through these channels to speak with the relevant person or people. Below are the main contact details for us in terms of telephone number, email address, website and social media accounts. Please be advised our social media channels are not manned continually & messages not always responded to.

Our main areas of information on our website are listed below and you should use these to reference where to get the appropriate help or details from,

Meet our Senior Team & Key Contacts – 

Our Parent App (Arbor) – 

Our Prospectus –

Curriculum –

Attendance/Absence –

Safeguarding –

Headteachers Weekly Blog –

Parent App through Arbor

For 2022/23 and onwards we will be a paperless academy. Reports, timetables and other documents will be viewed through our Arbor app. Please download this if you have not already done so.

A lot has changed since September, 2021, but we have returned to normal and realise that, in September, a good start needs to be the focus for our children’s futures moving forward.

A school community needs a community and a community needs a school that works hard together through times that are good and also tough. I thank you for your patience, trust and respect and look forward to working with you all during 2022-23.

I hope you have a safe and happy summer.  

Yours sincerely

Phill Dalowsky