Subject Area Overview

Subject Area Overview

We are pleased to provide parents with a curriculum guide for students. The staff have worked together to produce a brief overview to the curriculum offered in the Academy. We hope that you will find the following information both interesting and useful you will have a good idea of what will be the focus of lessons and the skills being developed.

We recognise that parents are a valuable source of knowledge and support for their children’s learning. We have produced information to help parents and teachers to work in partnership for the benefit of students. An awareness of the topics and skills being covered may provide opportunities for support at home. This may take the form of parents talking to their children about their studies or it may be that wider reading, films or visits to relevant places of interest could be provided by parents to support their children’s learning.

In addition to supervising homework and coursework and routine checking of spelling and presentation that can be done by parents, we have also made some simple suggestions where parents can give some general support to specific subject areas. The Internet also provides a wealth of materials and in particular, we would like to remind parents that we have purchased the GCSE Pod programme for each of our students to access on-line at the academy, home, or wherever they are able to access the Internet. There may be some subject specific web-based resources available for your child – you will find links to these under the specific subject areas.

The curriculum area of the website will give you an overview of our curriculum principles and the balance and depth of the curriculum we offer to our students. There is also a list of the subjects for each year group and links to the qualifications your child may study in KS4.

If, after reading the information, you have any suggestions of your own to add, please let us know – we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our work.