Leadership at The St Lawrence Academy

At The St Lawrence Academy we believe in developing the whole child, and we provide an array of transformational leadership experiences for all ages.

The main reason our students choose to take on a leadership role is that it is fun! However, there are also other benefits, both altruistic and personal.

By taking an active role in the community, students make a positive contribution to school life, they are able to motivate and inspire others and act as role models. This engenders an authentic feeling of belonging and self worth, essential to leading a happy and positive life.

Our students value the personal development that being a leader affords them through learning to work as a team, and also by developing interpersonal, communication and organisational skills that will prove invaluable in later life.

Leadership opportunities are varied and can be for one off events or ongoing responsibilities during the year. We welcome student voices and recommendations on how to improve and develop leadership opportunities.

Leadership opportunities range from representing the academy in sports events, participating in shows, being a school council representative, helping to run the community cafe, organising charity fundraising events, setting up community action groups, and being a prefect. The opportunities are endless, and these are just a few of the leadership opportunities on offer.