At the heart of the academy’s pastoral care of its students are the five houses. The five flames on our logo represent our five core values of truth, justice, respect, forgiveness and generosity; they represent the five year groups, and the five houses. The vibrant colours used on our logo which represent our talented, diverse and bright community will be our house colours, and our houses are named after precious gems:

Gold = Generosity, Ruby = Respect, Emerald = Justice, Amethyst = Forgiveness, Turquoise = Truth

Each house has its own House Leader and a team of tutors, who strive to create a dynamic, exciting and challenging house system that provides greater opportunities for our students to enjoy, achieve and reach their full potential. Experiences will include; working as a team, contributing to the community, developing leadership skills, leading activities in a range of skill areas, therefore allowing them to grow and develop both academically and spiritually.

The House structure is embedded into our daily life here at the academy and the students show a sense of pride and belonging in being a member of their House. The House System is built around competitions to encourage the competitive element of our students, and it instills a sense of worth within the academy for both staff and students.

We celebrate our achievements in House assemblies, as well as analyzing where we can improve to get the best possible results, and students will always be rewarded for taking part in any house events. Although we hope to encourage a competitive mentality, equally important is the willingness to participate within all activities, contributing to what we are sure will be many achievements and victories in the future.

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