Libby Year 10 :

Libby Year 10

One reason why Libby enjoys coming to The St Lawrence Academy is the amount of opportunities offered in sports.  There are many after school clubs, through which she has found her passion for netball.  Netball has helped me grow my confidence and also led Libby to some close friendships.

Jessica Year 9 :

Jessica Year 9

During your time at The St Lawrence Academy,  you'll learn so much - both academically and personally. This academy is definitely a warm community to call your second home where success is guaranteed through every lesson, term and year. Lots of opportunities appear and so many students are encouraged to grab these not only for their CV, but for their social skills and to build more relationships with peers; often, many organisations come in to talk about what students could do to help a cause or receive awards. There are lots of extracurricular activities also available and so much support is given out from all the lovely staff who build amazing relationships with us all'

Juned Year 9 :

Juned Year 9

Ever since Juned joined The St Lawrence Academy, his confidence, knowledge, self esteem and integrity has been boosted majorly. The teachers here have comforted me and made it feel like a safe place. Generally, Juned feels as though the academy itself, himself, and his friends have all benefited ever since joining the academy. These past two years have been wonderful.

Rubie-Leigh Year 9 :

Rubie-Leigh Year 9

Rubie-leigh Sowerby is a student at The St Lawrence Academy and is just starting Year 9. Rubie-leigh enjoys all lessons and the learning is fun especially History with Mr Fox he makes things really interesting.

Rubie-Leigh enjoys spending time with her friends and sharing lessons with some of them..  Year 9 will choose their options this year and have a variety of lessons to choose from.  Rubie-Leigh is currently thinking of choosing business as it’s something she is very interested in and it is something that she would like to learn more about but she will also need to take into consideration all of the other possible options.

Ruby Year 9 :

Ruby Year 9

Ruby is currently a Year 9 student and has been at the academy just over 2 years. Ruby finds lessons to be engaging and enjoyable, mainly because of the supportive and encouraging staff who have allowed her to be the best she can be across all areas. There are also many great facilities for an extensive selection of sports here to enable students to gain a wide range of experience and skills. This is a fantastic academy and Ruby loves being a student here.

Cheerok Year 9 :

Cheerok Year 9

The St Lawrence academy is a wonderful place having all the lessons in a brilliant curriculum that you need for your career.  It also has a wide range of extra curricular clubs that fit your interests. Cheerok really enjoys improving skills and knowledge at after school clubs. The academy also participates in many sporting tournaments such as Rugby, Football, Athletics, Rounders, Netball, Badminton and many more. Sports day is a huge competition at The St Lawrence Academy that encourages everybody to participate and the celebrations afterwards are incredible. It is special being a member of The St Lawrence team.

Sania Year 9 :

Sania Year 9

Sania is a student at The St Lawrence Academy. The aspects that Sania particularly enjoys in the academy are Art and RE. In Art she likes drawing because it is not just about lovely drawings or paintings, there are many forms behind Art. Art can help with stress and relaxation, it is a fantastic subject! Sania also enjoys RE because she is really interested in learning about other cultures and religions. There are lots of extra curricular clubs at the academy to participate in. Helping teachers doing display boards and other jobs after school are also enjoyable. In the future Sania would like to be a prefect and hopefully can achieve that with the many opportunities already held which have improved her leadership skills.

Abiha Year 8 :

Abiha Year 8

Abiha is starting in year 8 and her time so far at the academy has been really enjoyable. All the teachers Abiha has met are all incredible and super approachable. The academy gives a range of extra-curricular clubs for free and her favourite sport is netball. Abiha also likes that the academy has reward trips for student’s behaviour so that hard work and actions don't go unnoticed. The St Lawrence Academy is great and Abiha is happy to be a student here.

Megija Year 8 :

Megija Year 8

Megija is starting in year 8 and has thoroughly enjoyed last year.  Lessons are fun and the clubs and assemblies help get you involved. Sports and exercise are a key topic in the academy, as a top priority is students' health and learning. Megija is proud to call herself a student of The St Lawrence academy.

Dana Year 8 :

Dana Year 8

Dana is a year 8 student and has loved the time in the St Lawrence academy so far and hopes to continue to enjoy it even more in year 8. During her time in year 7, Dana has participated in many things, such as the church service and has held many leadership roles.  All in all Dana has loved every minute! It is the best academy by far!

Ruby Year 8 :

Ruby Year 8

For the past year in the academy, the experience Ruby has had here was absolutely wonderful. The learning is fun and friendly since all the staff are so kind to her. As a collective worship leader, it was fun to talk to her peers about faith in our daily reflection time and what the week has to bring. Ruby hopes the academy continues to be as amazing as it is now!

Thomas Year 8 :

Thomas Year 8

I am currently a year 8 student and have been at the academy just over of a year. Thomas has found the teachers and staff to be incredibly kind and “teaching-efficient”. Being at this academy has given him an extreme confidence boost by getting involved in many activities and giving opportunities to represent the academy.Thomas appreciates all the work that the staff do and that's why he really enjoys being at the academy.

Emily Year 11 : Head Prefect

Emily Year 11

Head Prefect

For Emily, becoming Head Prefect is such an honour. Emily was selected because of her confidence and interpersonal qualities as well as academic performance which contributed to the selection. Emily will lead and support other students with integrity, respect and confidence, supporting students to make the right choices so that they can contribute to society as respectful citizens. Upholding the academy’s core values  is very important to Emily, ensuring that she and her fellow prefects lead by example as model students; to guide younger students in their socialisation and studies: this is what the role of a prefect truly is.

Joel Year 8 :

Joel Year 8

As Joel gradually got through year 7, he has enjoyed every minute of the opportunities presented to him .Joel has participated in sporting events at Quibell Park and even had a trip to the Hull City football ground. Joel enjoys the lessons and engages well at all times. The lessons are varied and teach students to work as groups and independently which is an important soft skill. Joel really enjoys my academy life at The St Lawrence Academy.

Janis Year 11 : Head Prefect

Janis Year 11

Head Prefect

Janis is extremely proud to have been selected to be one of the Head Prefects. He was quite surprised at first as he thought there were initially far more suitable candidates, however the academy had faith in him. They gave Janis a chance and he will not let them down. Janis was chosen because of how he have overcome challenges throughout his school life and how these challenges have shaped him.  On personal reflection, Janis knows he is a good role model and can relate to his peers confidently and provide mature support and guidance. Janis enjoys helping others to become better people and looks forward to inspiring the next generation of TSLA learners to become resilient and confident but displaying respect at all times.

Martyna Year 10 :

Martyna Year 10

For Martyna, why do they enjoy attending The St Lawrence Academy is very simple.  It’s because of all the friends I’ve made along the way.  There are plenty of opportunities such as after school clubs or camping to get to know other students and feel like you belong.  The teachers encourage kindness and soon enough you feel welcomed and like you’re part of something special.

Victoria Year 10 :

Victoria Year 10

Victoria enjoys coming to St Lawrence as it is a place full of many opportunities.  For example, this year the academy has offered many trips to go on, ie: The Baths Hall, Universities and more.  Victoria has been lucky to meet new people like friends and the amazing staff members, who have taught me so much the past three years.  Victoria also enjoys how diverse the community is and that many students are open minded to learning about different cultures.  Overall, there are many things that could be talked about, but these are just a few things that stood out this year.

Ameena Year 11 : Sports enthusiast, seizing every opportunity and making a difference

Ameena Year 11

Sports enthusiast, seizing every opportunity and making a difference

Great things await Ameena, a Year 11 student constantly seeking opportunities to expand the wealth of skills gained since joining the academy: teamwork, leadership, confidence, independence and most importantly, passion.  

Ameena thrives on challenge, and as a committed member of many of the St Lawrence Academy sports teams and a determined student, she has plenty experience of this both on and off the pitch. 

Our students are encouraged to participate in sport to develop positive self-esteem, self-confidence and foster a sense of healthy competition, whilst providing them with life changing enrichment opportunities to transform their outlook on life. Whether it is through our curriculum or our wide range of after-school clubs, we give every student the chance to experience that winning feeling.

Alfie, Year 10 :

Alfie, Year 10

“I found the prospect of moving to secondary school quite daunting, but the academy went to great lengths to make sure we were settled in and found the experience exciting, not scary. St Lawrence was my first-choice academy because I knew it had a diverse community who I would get the chance to meet and learn about other cultures, and I was excited to join the clubs that I heard about at open evening! 

I believe that since joining the academy, teachers have instilled in me good learning practises and encouraged me to begin thinking about my future. I hope to take my passion for gaming to the next level and work in game development and coding, which I will achieve by studying Maths for GCSE and further developing the social skills and strong work ethic the academy has instilled in me.”

Gracie, Year 11 : Demonstrating Justice

Gracie, Year 11

Demonstrating Justice

“The value of Justice teaches us that everyone deserves to be treated equally, no matter what makes them different from yourself. As a result, I have taken it upon myself to stand up for what I believe in and raise awareness for causes that are not well known or discriminated against, to ensure my friends and the wider community are treated with justice. In recent years, I have campaigned within the academy to raise awareness of homophobia, LBGT rights, sexism and racism”.

 I recently undertook my work experience working with West Midlands Police. Here I saw first hand how these brave people stand up for what is right; and try to appeal to people and eventually bring to justice those who will not conform to the law. I saw how skillful and diplomatic they were and this has spurned me to be more determined to stand up for anyone who is on the receiving end of inequality and unkindness.  My thoughts about the academy are very positive. It is an inclusive place to be and learn, we celebrate diversity well, and it's an enjoyable place with a variety of colourful lovely people on the staff and student body.  I enjoy coming here because I have friends here, I have a good relationship with my teachers and I manage to laugh everyday even when I am having a bad day.  I have been given many opportunities including; taking on many leadership roles (one including senior prefect), visiting various different colleges for open days and studying things that I thoroughly enjoy.  I hope to gain an array of things in Year 11 and hope to have more laughs and make more memories with people in school as well as achieving good grades that make me feel proud of myself  and most importantly. Most importantly, I hope to leave with no regrets.

Ali, Year 10 : Demonstrating Justice

Ali, Year 10

Demonstrating Justice

“To showcase our academy value of Justice, it is important to treat one another with respect, equality and fairness. To ensure we do this, the academy teaches us about being kind to one another, we are taught about different cultures and religious, of the importance of sharing and respecting one another’s opinions and fundraising and raising awareness for charities”.

Hayley, Year 11 : Demonstrating Forgiveness

Hayley, Year 11

Demonstrating Forgiveness

For Hayley, the ability to forgive one another goes beyond a disagreement with a friend. Being able to forgive someone who may have caused upset proves the ability to move on, to accept each other as making mistakes and acknowledges that by doing so, we become stronger and united. It enables one another to grow and mature and encourages positive mental health and outlook.

“By forgiving one another, I let go of any negative emotions that I hold and encourages me to be a better person. I feel stronger as I acknowledge we all make mistakes, and it allows me to practise our other academy values of Justice, Generosity and Respect, as I continue to treat others as I wish to be treated and act with kindness”.

Krzysztof, Year 10 : Demonstrating Forgiveness

Krzysztof, Year 10

Demonstrating Forgiveness

“The importance of Forgiveness is taught in the bible, that we should let go of anger and forgive others, just as Jesus does for us. At St Lawrence Academy, I demonstrate forgiveness by giving people second chances – I have learnt that even if people make the wrong decisions and hurt me, the ability to forgive is the right decision and allows our community to heal and work together and head on the right path, together”.