20th June 2022
                                                            SPORTS DAY 2022
Dear Parent /Carer,

As part of our commitment to provide access to sporting opportunities, The St Lawrence Academy will be holding Sports Day on Monday 27th June. This year, it will take place at Quibell Park Stadium, weather permitting. 


The day will go are as follows:


Years 7 and 9 …

Students will need to arrive at Quibell Park to register at 8:30am. After the events, at 12:15pm students will walk back to the academy, accompanied by academy staff to have their lunch. Students will then attend their afternoon lessons wearing their PE kit and finish the academy day at the normal time of 3.45pm.


Years 8 and 10…

Students will need to arrive at the academy and go to their tutor classroom to register at 8:30am , where registration will take place. They will then follow a timetable of morning lessons.  Lunch will take place at 11:45am – 12.10 pm.. After lunch students will walk to Quibell Park, accompanied by academy staff members. Upon arrival they will have their afternoon registration. Sports day is due to finish at the usual academy time of 3.45pm, upon completion of all events students will be dismissed from Quibell Park and will need to make their own plans to return home.  


All students will be expected to take an active part in what we anticipate to be an enjoyable day to celebrate the sporting abilities of all our students. The students have already been choosing their athletics events, and will be competing as part of the academy’s established House system. 


Your child is required to wear the correct St Lawrence PE kit all day, and they are advised to bring their St Lawrence outdoor jackets (plain black top)to keep them warm in between events. In addition suitable footwear should be worn for competing in athletics events. Students will also need to bring a bottle of water (and sunscreen/hat in hot weather). When students are not involved, they will be expected to support their fellow peers from the designated areas.


In the unfortunate event that there is unsuitable weather, students will be expected to attend school for normal timetabled lessons.


Parents and Carers are welcome to attend Sports Day. Upon arrival all visitors must sign in at the gate entrance and they will be directed to a designated viewing area. Visitors will not be allowed into the students area. 


If your child does not follow the academy expectation for Sports Day, they will be sent straight home immediately. 


If you have any queries about the arrangements for the day please contact the academy on 01724 842447 or email [email protected] in advance of Friday 24th June 2022.


Yours faithfully

Mrs Lindsay Shutes

Curriculum and Progress Leader of Physical Education


Sports Day Behaviour Policy 2022


  • Students must be wearing the St Lawrence PE kit & House ribbons throughout the day. Nothing other than academy PE kit is allowed.


  • When not competing, students will gather in their tutor groups.  Whilst in their designated group areas, students should remain in their own allocated sections.


  • Students should refrain from dropping litter. No food will be permitted on the field. 


  • Students should behave in a manner that is expected of them whilst on a normal academy day. This means respecting other staff and students, and creating a positive atmosphere throughout the day.


  • Any students seen to be seriously disrupting the enjoyment of other staff or students will result in isolation for the day and subsequent removal from events and a loss of points for their House.


  • When not competing, students should be encouraging others.  No footballs or other equipment should be brought by students and tutors will confiscate such items.


  • At all times, students should behave in a manner that takes account of the health, safety and wellbeing of every member of the academy community and public.