Autistic people have impairments in three areas: social interaction, communication, and development of imagination. Autism can create a hyper or hypo sensitivity in the senses. Hypersensivity means magnified sensations; soft sounds can be painfully loud to autistic people or some autistic people ignore loud noises as if they are deaf.

Some Characteristics:


  • Language delay.
  • Repetitive language and imitating phrases
  • Difficulty in interpreting eye contact, facial expression and body language
  • Overly literal interpretation of language and text
  • Inability to hold a conversation.


  • Inability to make friends.
  • Inappropriate touching, aggression, and odd greetings.
  • Difficulty understanding the feelings of others
  • Misinterpreting social situations and people.


  • Fixations with certain objects or particular foods.
  • Hand flapping, rocking, walking on tip toes.
  • Self injury
  • Erratic sleeping patterns
  • Desire to keep objects in a specific pattern.

Further information
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