Principal’s Blog

Well done to Year 11 students who have adapted quickly to home learning this week.

A large proportion logged on for registration yesterday, only hours after finding out they would not be in the academy because of a positive COVID-19 test within their bubble.

We need all Year 11 students checking their emails and logging into Google Classroom every day this week.

It is frustrating – students had just started to really get back into their learning routines – but we have to do the right thing.

We cannot let that momentum slip which is why it is important Year 11 access remote learning in Google Classroom every day this week.

Our online offer has continued to improve since launch at the start of lockdown.

Teachers are posting Year 11 work online this week as well as responding to students’ questions during their Year 11 timetabled lessons.

We have been working with video conferencing technology to improve the offer even more in the coming weeks.

Years 8 and 9 have also had experience of home learning this term.

These disruptions are inevitable given coronavirus: the important thing is how we deal with them.

Hopefully, our communications with home are effective, as was proved again on Sunday / yesterday. The support given by parents is appreciated as we understand the inconvenience sudden change brings.

It is important we look after our academy community in these challenging times.

Year 11s entitled to free school meals can access vouchers for this week through Class Charts.

Wellbeing calls are being made to vulnerable students who would otherwise have been in the academy this week.

Students and their parents in year groups 7 to 10 can be assured no members of staff or other bubbles were identified as being in close contact with the positive-testing student.

They contracted the illness outside of the academy and were off all last week as a precaution until they received a test result at the weekend. Following the DfE advice we were given, Year 11 should only self-isolate this week and return next Monday (5th October).

We remain vigilant and keeping the school safe for its students and staff is a top priority.

Finally, a reminder that our Year 6 Virtual Open Event can be accessed via Facebook and our website.

Look out over the coming days as we increase the numbers of short films and information.

As always, I hope you stay well.