Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Within the academy we strive to create a learning environment, curriculum, experiences and relationships in which all individuals can find expression, be nourished and developed.

The academy commits itself to creating an environment for everyone that is characterised by our core values of Truth, Justice, Forgiveness, Generosity and Respect. These values have been used to determine our Curriculum Statement.

At The St Lawrence Academy, we offer a Christian-based education to all children; grounded in the Diocesan vision of “excellence, exploration and encouragement within the love of God”. We strive to be an outstanding academy meeting the needs of all our learners in an inclusive, caring environment. We are sponsored by the Church of England Diocese of Lincoln with a strong Christian ethos. We welcome students from all backgrounds and faiths, regardless of ability. Students will be encouraged to reach the highest standards possible, gaining the skills, qualifications and confidence to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.

As a church academy, we want all students to feel included and be inspired to develop their talents – whatever they may be. We offer a broad balanced curriculum and an environment for learning which inspires our students to do their very best. This is what we expect. Our mission statement is “STRENGTH FOR TODAY, BRIGHT HOPE FOR TOMORROW” and to achieve this, our students need to feel safe, happy and supported if they are to achieve their very best. Our students are excellent ambassadors for the academy and are proud to wear our uniform and be part of our aspirations for their future. We want them to be determined to succeed, confident in their abilities and fully involved in the life of the academy, the local community and beyond.

As a church academy, we aim to be at the heart of our local community where we will always be the first choice for our families. We want to work in partnership with all our parents/carers to create a positive learning culture where success is expected and celebrated.

Vision and Ethos

The academy is inclusive and caters for the needs of all students. The central importance of spirituality is the driving force for the academy’s ethos. It inspires all that the academy does – leadership, learning, teaching and personal development. A whole child approach to education has been adopted so that every student is given opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through an open mind.

Our ethos is realised through personalising the curriculum and academy experience for each student, responding to their learning needs by creating provision that is appropriate whether it is academic, personal, social, moral or spiritual. The St Lawrence Academy serves a diverse community with complex needs. The unique feature of the academy is the central importance of spirituality, which will be the driving force for the ethos of the academy.

Our curriculum aims to achieve this by:

1. Educating for Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills

AIM: for academy staff and leaders to apply their Christian vision to ensure curriculum and extra–curricular opportunities meet the academic and spiritual needs of all students.

THEMES: Transforming Lives – Tenacity – Teamwork

2. Educating for Character Development, Hope, Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy

AIM: for the academy’s Christian vision to support the character and moral development of all students, giving them aspiration for themselves and hope for the communities of which they are a part. For the academy’s Christian vision to inspire the whole school community to engage in social action and to be courageous advocates for change in their local, national and global communities.

THEMES: Aspirations – Advocacy – Attitude

3. Educating for Community and Living Well Together

AIM: for the academy’s Christian vision to promote social and cultural development through the practice of forgiveness and reconciliation that encourages good mental health, and enables all to flourish and live well together.

THEMES: Resilience – Recognition – Relationships

4. Educating for Dignity and Respect

AIM: for the academy’s Christian vision to create an environment that embraces difference where all students, whatever their background or ability, can flourish because all are treated with dignity and respect.

THEMES: Empathy – Edification – Empowerment

5. Educating for Worship, Reflection and Prayer

AIM: to place spirituality and the spiritual development of everyone at the heart of the academy, to create a learning environment, curriculum, experiences and relationships in which the passion of all our students can find expression, be nourished and developed.

THEMES: Goodness – Godliness – Gifts of God

The design of our curriculum ensures that all students see and appreciate the context and purpose of their learning. We strive to offer a challenging curriculum which will help students encounter, accept, and embrace learning in order to achieve their full potential. At The St Lawrence Academy we believe that the key outcomes of this approach will be higher achievements, along with raised aspirations and broader horizons; our curriculum also plays a pivotal role in regeneration of the local community. The learning approaches and teaching practice will be personalised for each learner to ensure engagement and the development of a joy of learning. Life-wide learning will be a particular focus.

The curriculum provides all students with the opportunities to develop the skills, competencies, knowledge and understanding, qualities, characteristics and strengths to be effective learners and citizens. Their achievements as learners enable our students to become successful leaders, employers, employees and entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing world.