Meet the Sponsors

The St Lawrence Academy was set up (sponsored) by the Diocese of Lincoln (which is part of the Church of England).  Having a sponsor is one of the key features of being an academy and the sponsor is responsible not only for setting up the academy, but also for appointing most of the trustees and establishing the vision and ethos. 

As a Diocese we are immensely proud of The St Lawrence Academy and its achievements since opening.  We have a vision for the academy to provide opportunities for the students to flourish not only through their learning and also through the positive experiences they will encounter whilst being with us.

The academy is a Church School (one of over 5000 in the country) and students are welcomed from all faith backgrounds, along with those for whom faith is not part of their life experience.  The core values of the academy – Truth, Justice, Forgiveness, Generosity, and Respect – are drawn from the Christian story, but they are values which are shared beyond the Christian community.

Through our involvements with the academy, the Church seeks to offer students and their families a first class education, life-shaping values and rich experiences.  We believe that these aims will provide a sure foundation for the students’ future. At the root of achieving such aims will be a quality of relationships both between staff and students and also between students. “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow” is more than just a slogan for the academy; it is what we hope to offer the community which The St Lawrence Academy serves through our sponsorship.

Jackie Waters-Dewhurst