Learning & Teaching

The academy supports a vision for outstanding learning and teaching.  This vision is supported through each subject area by the following principles:

  • Classroom management and environment
  • Learning objectives and success criteria
  • Personalised learning
  • Assess and celebrate progress
  • Integrate key skills: literacy, numeracy, ICT, independent learning skills and SMSC
  • Feedback leads to feed-forward


Within the academy we strive to create a learning environment, curriculum, experiences and relationships in which all individuals can find expression, be nourished and developed.  The purpose of the learning aspect of the policy is to ensure that the learning of students is systematically supported, guided and encouraged so that they become effective learners; understanding how they learn; possessing a range of effective study techniques; and taking responsibility for their own learning. All staff are responsible for creating conditions for good learning.


The purpose of this policy with regard to teaching is to ensure that teaching in the Academy is as good as possible and to set out the standards expected and the responsibilities of all members of the academy community to meeting them.  The responsibilities of the Principal and all the Senior Leadership Team are to set the objectives for teaching; to ensure that a system is in place to support and improve learning and teaching; and to inspire teachers to improve teaching continuously.