House Structure

House Leader and House Structure

Gold House Leader –  Goodness, Godliness and Gifts

Welcome message from Gold House Leader

Ruby House Leader –  Resilience, recognition and relationships

Welcome message from Ruby House Leader

Emerald House Leader – Empathy, Edification and Empowerment

Welcome message from Emerald House Leader

Amethyst  House Leader – Aspirations, Advocacy and Attitude

Welcome message from Amethyst House Leader

Turquoise House Leader – Transforming lives, Tenacity and Teamwork

Welcome message from Turquoise House Leader

  • 5 Core Values of Generosity, Respect, Justice, Forgiveness and Truth are central to the House system.
  • Each Core Value is not attached to a specific House.
  • All House Leaders have responsibility for embedding the 5 core values into their House Leader roles, responsibilities and activities.
  • House Assemblies continue, but are led by House Leaders in a way that all 5 core values are promoted.
  • Students do not focus solely on one core value in House assemblies and activities but are asked to reflect on all 5 core values.
  • Each House Leader is therefore required to consider how their role promotes and reinforces all 5 core values.
  • Each House Leader will have responsibility for 3 different strands of students personal development that are linked directly to character education, PSHE, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.
  • Students participate in activities where appropriate in House groups to promote healthy competition between Houses.