We are prone in this country to things falling apart when a little common sense would avoid such outcomes.

One example is the weather. A bit of snow in the winter and the roads are gridlocked.

A new phenomenon causing great hysteria is the heat.

Quite late on Sunday evening, the Academy’s senior management team had a discussion around blazers. Should we expect our children to be wearing them when staff are in appropriate clothes for the summer?

The answer was ‘no’ and this was communicated to parents / carers through social media and emails. Children do not have to bring their blazers to school this week, let alone wear them.

The decision was supported by a great percentage of the academy community. I’d like to thank those parents who sent kind messages supporting our decision-making process and using common sense.

One parent stopped me while I was with our students doing a litter pick.

“If The St Lawrence Academy directs its children not to bring blazers into school it must be hot!” they said.

It is the first time in 14 years we have issued the instruction. It is hot and we have reflected on this.

The result has been a more pleasant teaching and learning environment.

The canteen staff have been brilliant in making sure extra water has been available for students and staff. I thank them for that and this has been a smooth process.

The sensible decision around blazers is another example of an open and honest conversation resulting in a supportive Academy community.

We will review to see whether we stick with the decision until the end of term. If we need to, we will.

Another initiative that has met with a positive response is every morning, during tutor time, Years 7, 8 and 9 have been collecting litter from the Academy grounds and close by.

Students are genuinely interested in looking after the environment and their efforts have been picked up by the Scunthorpe litter pickers’ group.

We are always looking for new ways to make a positive impact on our community.

A reminder that next Thursday (21st) is the last day of the summer term and we will be finishing at 1.15pm. A text will be going out to parents today.

Year 9 students will be receiving their options this week on what they will be studying at GCSE over the next two years.

Our end-of-term celebration evenings take place next week. On Monday, it is Year 7; Tuesday, Year 8; and Wednesday, Year 9.

Students should have received invitations if they are receiving an award. Please ensure reply slips are returned to help with the planning and seating arrangements.

Finally, another plug for our first Summer Fayre, taking place tomorrow (Thursday) between 4.30pm and 6.30pm, with all proceeds going to Lindsey Lodge Hospice.

There will be lots of stalls and fun activities so please come long – and bring a friend or two – to support the students and staff who have put in an enormous amount of work to organise it.

The fayre will take place outside, including in front of the Academy.

At least we have no concerns about the weather, and I know everybody will be in sensible clothing.