Activities continue at a pace in the Academy – but we are also focused on the future.

A little bit of rain could not dampen the enthusiasm at our first sports day in three years at Quibell Park on Monday. It was a roaring success, following on the back of a terrific National School Sport Week.

Well done to all the competitors and thanks to the staff who organised and supported the event.

Internal building works, which I’ve mentioned before, are expected to take place in August.

We have worked hard over the last six months on planning the works and the changes.

A fully resourced library will be one result, as will increased capacity elsewhere in the Academy.

We have worked closely with the Local Authority on how it can help us support the students it needs us to provide an education for.

Demand for school places locally is huge and, for us as an Academy, the issue is as big as ever. But it is about working in partnership and supporting where we can.

It is interesting to note the catchment for the class of 2027 – those starting with us in September – spans a radius of only 1.048 miles.

We are fortunate in that respect and have an important place at the heart of our community.

Year 6s will be in school for two busy induction days on Thursday and Friday. We are really looking forward to welcoming them and I ask current parents / carers to share the blog on social media with our newcomers.

Parents / carers of the 166-strong cohort are invited to visit the Academy on Thursday at 5pm. They will have the chance to meet their child’s form tutor, learn about expectations, and have any questions answered.

While the long Year 11 exam period has come to an end, it is the turn of Year 10 to experience a two-week exam period.

For the first time, they will be given grades and feedback ahead of their big summer of exams next year.

They will also be given predicted GCSE grades to help them focus on where improvement can be made and highlight to teachers where support is needed.

Year 10 are having a day off exams today to take advantage of a taster day at North Lindsey College.

On Friday, 50 Year 9s are visiting the University of Hull.

Both days will help the year groups consider next steps after the Academy.

Ten Year 9s will be travelling to Rotherham next week to participate in The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme. Their training will help our efforts to create an even kinder school community.

Finally, another nod to the future. In September, the first preference for accessing school reports and other essential information, such as exam timetables, will be via the Arbor app.

The percentage of those using the communication tool is in the high 60s but that leaves a proportion who have not activated it. Could I urge you to do so please. If you have any issues, please contact [email protected]

Arbor is key in our efforts to reduce the amount of paper we use. That, too, is the future.