It is all happening here over the next 10 days – and there is plenty more to follow.

Trips, visits and opportunities continue to be lined up in this incredibly busy half term that helps give our young people the well-rounded education we so often talk about.

Year 10 are in week two of work experience. It was a really successful week one, with some brilliant feedback from some employers.

They described our young people as “naturals” and “suited to the workplace”. That’s testament to our programme at school of developing the whole child, not just the academic side.

Year 7 are having a different sort of experience this week, camping overnight.

One group had great fun Monday into Tuesday and the second group there tonight.

Like many things, it is the first time we have been able to run it in three years and, for a lot of our young people, will be their first experience of being away from home with friends on a school trip.

We have a group of children this week out at the Reading Stars Scheme run at Scunthorpe United FC. It illustrates why reading is so important and the doors it opens.

We have another group going to Hull City on Monday while RE leaders are sharing our good practice on diversity in Wintringham and Belton primary schools.

Years 9 and 10 will experience motivational workshops in a different element to the curriculum.

We are rewarding those children who have attended the most extra-curricular activities over the year by arranging a trip with the Allegro Gymnastic Academy in Bottesford for some specialised coaching.

The Academy is supporting the Adam Simms Memorial Cup by sending an athletics team to Quibell Park, to compete in a tournament named in tribute to a young man who attended Sir John Nelthorpe School in Brigg.

We have special relationships with a number of schools and supporting such a worthy cause in honour of such a talented young man is only appropriate.

Other students are going to a Stay Safe Conference at the Baths Hall.

These are the highlights of activities lined up for our young people over the next 10 days. They continue until the end of term.

It is a result of a massive amount of work, effort and commitment from the staff as we fit as many opportunities in the last six weeks of the academic year as possible. I would like to say thank you on behalf of the students.

It is a summer term that looks like a summer term should.

Meanwhile, the final reports for Years 7 to 10 are being populated, final assessments being analysed and data being collated. More on those next week.

For Year 11, they just need to keep going with exams – the end is on the horizon. It is important to note they are only attending subjects in the Academy where exams are still to be sat.

They are looking forward to their leaving event on Friday, 24th June when they will be able to catch breath.

For the rest of the Academy, we will still be hurtling along at quite a rate.