The summer half term might mean the end of a chapter for some – but for others it creates opportunities, deepens our thinking, and means new beginnings.

This week, our Year 10s start their work experience, being thrown into a new world for the first time.

For some, this will be daunting – but that is life. We all have to adapt to new environments at different times in our lives. These experiences are invaluable for their development.

While some have been experiencing work, others in Year 10 walked to the Baths Hall to participate in the first Humber Industrial Decarbonisation Conference.

Big industry from both sides of the River Humber promoted projects that will prevent carbon going into the atmosphere and help the nation achieve its net zero target.

I found it fascinating and I know students and staff did too. Too often, they are fed doom and gloom about their prospects. This event highlighted aspirational and credible job opportunities on their doorstep.

New beginnings also run through our third and last RAD (Raising Aspirations Day) of the year today.

Our students will be pursuing a whole host of activities and I’m grateful to the staff team for organising them.

Year 7 will be looking at a careers pilot. They will be researching careers and working on life skills, team work and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE).

The Hull FC Foundation will be visiting Year 8, along with Humberside Police’s dog team and the Planetarium. They will look at topics around money sense, general finances and first aid.

Humberside Police, the Army, RAF, and Royal Navy will be guests of Year 9, which will also look at the impact of social media.

For those in Year 10 not on work experience, they will learn about opportunities in the Royal Navy and undertake tasks around teamwork, leadership, and problem solving.

The three strands running across the three RADs are careers and aspirations, life skills and PSHCE.

This one should be particularly memorable, insightful, and inspiring.

Talking of inspiring, Student Progress Leader Cathie Bremner visited Nepal over half term with Classrooms In The Clouds to help build good quality, new classrooms, support teacher training and work in partnership with local communities.

Cathie took many school items and other donations. Scunthorpe United kits were shared (see picture) and such generosity makes a huge amount of difference.

Cathie goes above and beyond to help others and her work helps promote the Academy far and wide. Well done to her.

For more information, or to support her, please visit her Just Giving page.

Finally, a large number of extra-curricular activities has been launched for this term and can be viewed here.

Please take advantage, for it’s the term to be getting outside, enjoying the fresh air – and thinking about those new beginnings.