Talk of public sector spending cuts and cost of living crises is everywhere.

The Chancellor will give his Autumn Statement in the House of Commons tomorrow and we appear to be heading for territory many have not experienced before.

While we have seen periods of downturn and recession in recent times, as well as a pandemic, this feels different.

For some in our community, the difficulties have arrived quickly. Some have been made redundant, others have lost businesses or face crippling rises in mortgage payments.

These issues come on top of the rising costs of food, energy and other bills.

Some are in worrying situations and, as a community, we understand what people are facing.

You will also be aware a significant number of professions and industries are seeing employees being asked their opinions about striking.

Nurses, railway staff, postal workers, civil servants, junior doctors, hospital staff, university lecturers, airline ground staff, and ambulance crews are in disputes over pay, among others.

The teaching profession is also balloting members.

The pay awards to staff will be higher than previous ones and in excess of what we have budgeted for.

On top of this, our Academy has seen gas prices increase by 400% and electricity by 250%.

It is important that parents / carers note school budgets have not increased to cover these increased costs, nor is additional money expected.

As a school which receives public money, there are a number of areas we have been forced into looking at to ensure we continue to remain financially viable and well run, as we have been since we became an Academy.

I want to stress we are still committed to offering the same education as we have offered in recent years, but we will be working behind the scenes so that we can carefully negotiate financial realities.

Given the attention in the media and social media, I do think it is important to raise the situation.

There are all sorts of scare stories out there. It is important that we, as an Academy, are communicating what is factual, truthful and accurate.

We will continue to fund, support and run programmes, opportunities and strategies focused on what is best for our students.

An example is the Combined Cadet Force which I mentioned here recently. On the first day we communicated to students about the programme, we had 68 indicate their interest in joining.

The programme is a significant contribution in terms of finances and staff commitment. But we are fully committed to ensuring it is well run and funded.

The deadline for any further students expressing an interest is Friday.

The new library’s another commitment we are determined to see through. In fact, we have had confirmation of funding and work is expected to start within days and be completed before Christmas.

I am really proud we have a whole number of events taking place in the Academy this week: Anti-Bullying Week, Inter Faith Week, Odd Socks Day and dress down for BBC Children in Need.

For those who have not contributed to the latter as yet, they can do so through Parent Pay .

It is a fantastic charity. The stories around it are inspirational but it will focus minds further on those less fortunate and struggling in these tough times.