Welcome back!

Whether you are an existing or new student, a parent / carer, or a member of staff, I hope you have enjoyed the long summer and return rested, enthused, and ready to go.

Before looking ahead, I want to reflect and say a huge congratulations to the Class of ‘22. You produced the best set of Academy results since 2017.

There were outstanding individual performances and some of our departments recorded their best results ever.

They are something to be proud of.

Then consider the additional anxieties faced by these young people as the first to sit public exams since 2019.

I could not be happier for them and wish them well in the next stage of their lives.

The results prove to me as head teacher a combination of a well sequenced curriculum, with outstanding individuals teaching it and young people learning it, creates success.

My challenge to the young people who have walked through our doors over the past two days is how successful do you want to be?

Are you up for creating your own legacy, beating the Class of ‘22 and recording the Academy’s best results in years?

How committed are you to setting those high targets for yourself and achieving them?

To the staff, I have asked over two insert days this week, what are we educating for?

Our teaching falls into four areas:

  • Wisdom, knowledge, and skills
  • Hope and aspiration
  • Community and living well together
  • Dignity and respect

If successful, we are creating a transformational learning experience for our young people.

Each child can better themselves, create opportunities and fulfil their potential. They, and we, have the chance to transform their lives.

Returning students will see a lot of new signage has been put in place over the summer.

These are not just words to fill spaces. They embody what we do here. The Class of ‘22 proved it.

When we all work together, we are successful together.

Yesterday, Year 7 had the Academy to themselves. We have traditionally tried to give them a first day full of positivity and make it as memorable as we can.

A lot of their parents joined us, which was terrific to see. They learned how we work, what the curriculum looks like, how they can support their children and where they can get information from.

Our Year 7, 8 and 9 Celebration Evenings – postponed from last term because of the extreme temperatures – are taking place this week.

The new timing works well. It is a chance for students to reflect on their successes in the last academic year to help them focus on what is ahead.

They have the chance to take advantage of the opportunities, to seize the moment, and be fully invested in what’s in front of them.

If it is not enough, challenge staff and ask for more. Look to surpass the achievements of the Class of ’22 and see how successful you can be.

As I say, welcome back.