So that is it – we are all done and ready for a break.

The heat has topped us off, but we have made it and end the term on a positive note.

I would like to thank families for their overwhelmingly support over the past week or so.

The exceptional temperatures meant we made exceptional decisions on uniform and ways of working.

We felt it was important to communicate early and well and, as a result, our community has given us a lot of praise, which has been good to read.

It backs up the relationship we have with parents / carers and the trust you place in us to keep your children safe and cared for.

The 2021-22 academic year has finished as normally as it could in terms of the Academy being able to run its events, trips, and opportunities.

But if people cast their mind back to September, it was anything but normal.

We wondered what sort of year it would be and, for example, whether public exams would take place for Year 11.

Covid gave us significant bumps in the road with absence and persistent absence.

That Autumn term was challenging and that is easy to forget when it feels so far away.

If you are saying the year as a whole was not normal, you have to go back to 2018-19 for a disruption-free academic year. That is a long time.

We will attack September to ensure we have as a good a start to the next year as we have had finish to this one.

Our first Summer Fayre last Thursday was a perfect example of the positivity surrounding the Academy.

Hundreds of people turned out to support the event and it raised £501.93 for Lindsey Lodge Hospice, a terrific effort.

Through the diocese, we are looking at a new strategy called Time for Change and how school, church and household come together. This event illustrated really well what a tight unit between the three we already have here.

We had a wonderful turnout from our diverse community and it was a great celebration at the end of term. Thank you to all who came along and to those students and staff who organised and ran it.

Children have been given their end-of-year reports, showing their development and progress. Staff know where the support is needed to ensure this continues next year.

Talking of which, a reminder that the Academy reopens on Tuesday, 6th September, to Year 7 only. All other year groups return on Wednesday, 7th September.

I want to end by thanking everybody for their support, patience, trust and understanding.

We are not perfect and there are things we need to work on. We listen to feedback and that help improves what we do.

We are pleased the year has finished on a such a high and hope everybody has a restful summer and returns fully recharged.

But if students or staff do need support during the holiday, the Academy is not shutting down. There will be people here to pick up emails and phone messages. That is what we do.

Please enjoy the break.