I was blown away by the numbers attending our “evening of ingredients” for Year 11 and our students’ achievements.

93% attended with their parents / carers, demonstrating their level of buy in and commitment.

The building was buzzing and it was wonderful to see and be part of.

Students discovered exam results before talking to staff and a wealth of experts about their future options.

We had some significantly outstanding results at such an early stage of their final year.

Those who had not done as well as they might have hoped had constructive discussions about how we work together to put in the support mechanisms over the weeks and months ahead that will help improve results.

Hopefully, the evening was a positive experience for everybody.

Where there are concerns or anything further to discuss, students and parents know the lines of communication with staff are always open.

We have had a great response to the changes to wearing masks in communal areas and corridors. They are not worn in classrooms. But I encourage you to continue sending masks with children so that they are prepared the moment they enter the building.

While on COVID, I do want to mention we may have to stagger the return of students from the Christmas holiday in January.

This is because the Government has requested students are tested before they return to the classroom.

We cannot complete tests for five year groups on one day. The details will be included in the end of term letter.

It will be out as soon as possible as I’m conscious parents need to know the arrangements.

On the uniform front, students are becoming better at understanding that jumpers, hoodies and coats are not to be worn in the building, apart from at break times.

There are a growing number of students who forget and have lost their tie. Students will not always be able to have a tie leant to them and therefore it is important that they are correctly dressed for every day.

In the New Year, we will be asking students to only go to the toilet during breaks and lunchtime, though understand some will need to be excused.

This will ensure our children are thoroughly engaged in their learning and lessons are disruption free.

We will communicate further in the New Year.

On Friday, it is Christmas jumper day.

For those who wish to make a voluntary contribution, they can do so through their own Parent Pay accounts.

We are raising money for Scunthorpe General Hospital and its accident and emergency department, in part to thank nurses, doctors and support staff for their tremendous efforts over the past 20 months.

On the festive theme, we were delighted to receive communication from the Bishop of Lincoln’s office to reveal the winners of the Christmas card competition.

You may recall we became the first secondary to be invited to design a card sent out to more than 2,000 people, including clergy, community leaders, and schools.

Congratulations to our winner Sophy, from Year 7, whose design was chosen and wins a £50 gift voucher.

Runner up was Lillanni (Year 9) and in third place Martyna (also Year 9), who each received £10.

It is another example of students’ engagement outside the classroom and the Bishop’s office expressed its thanks to all who had participated.

Finally, cinema staff complimented our students after another highly successful rewards trip.

That brings me nicely back to where I started. Well done everybody – let’s keep it going until the end of term.