Food Technology

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Food KS3
In Year 7, students are encouraged to become more familiar with, and confident in, using the food area.
The main areas of learning, which link to practical lessons for students are: the principles of nutrition and health and food safety and hygiene.


To use a range of basic equipment
  • To handle and prepare a range of ingredients
  • To use the hob, grill and oven safely
  • To weigh and measure ingredients accurately
  • To divide mixtures evenly
  • To learn specific knife skills and preparation techniques
  • To learn basic methods of making and cooking.
In Year 8, students are encouraged to be creative, selecting different ingredients that could be combined and to consolidate their understanding by cooking a variety of multi-cultural dishes.
  • To carefully control the amount of liquid added to a mixture
  • To shape dough in a uniform manner
  • To cook a range of starchy foods
  • To perfect organisational and timing skills
  • To assemble and present practical work attractively
  • To make a savoury sauces
  • To use the hob and oven/grill simultaneously.
WJEC Level 1 / 2 Award in Hospitality & Catering
Curriculum Progress Leader: Mrs Keyworth
Technical Award 1 exam 1 non-examination assessment
Unit 1: The Hospitality & Catering Industry (40%)
1 hour 45 minute written exam
Unit 2: Hospitality & Catering in Action (60%)
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