Around the academy, students must:

  • Be polite and courteous to everyone
  • Wear the correct uniform
  • Not be late for lessons
  • Make sure their behaviour is never dangerous
  • Move sensibly and quietly along the corridors
  • Not drop any litter
  • Not leave the premises without permission.

In class, students must:

  • Stay silent to listen when a teacher or adult is talking to the class
  • Stay in our places during the lesson
  • Bring the right books and equipment to all our lessons
  • Work quietly and behave appropriately so that learning takes place
  • Not chew, eat or drink during or between lessons
  • Not leave the lesson without permission.

With others, students must:

  • Avoid using bad language
  • Never use racial or verbal abuse
  • Never use physical violence
  • Give respect to others in order to earn their respect for ourselves.

In our Tutor Group, students must:

  • Support our Student Council by listening to others ideas and opinions and offering our own
  • Support our Tutor Group at the Student Council
  • Work with our tutors to make sure our Tutor Groups are achieving all that is possible for us to achieve in the life of the academy and the community.

Our students are the new generation.  They are learning for their future and about their responsibility to each other and to society.  Our students understand the need for rules and co-operative behaviour.  They prove this by abiding by these guidelines to help our academy to run smoothly.