Every Child Matters Agenda


Within a culture of open communication, we recognise that sensitive and delicate issues are often discussed between students and staff. We have provided guidelines on confidentiality to promote a culture of trust, to protect both students and members of staff. The guidelines also serve to support professional judgement and inform practice given the reference made to statutory and non-statutory guidance.  As such, we believe that all adults in contact with our students should:

  • Be aware that they are not bound by law to either maintain or break the confidence of a student, unless information relates to issues of child protection.

  • Inform the student before a disclosure that information may need to be shared with another responsible adult. It is considered good practice not to break a students confidence without informing them first.

  • Never promise a student absolute confidentiality.

  • Respect the student’s right to privacy. If there is suspicion of physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect members of staff must pass this information directly to the designated teacher for child protection.

  • Promote a safe and secure environment where students feel able to discuss issues of concern. Students should not be asked to repeat a distressing disclosure to other adults unnecessarily.

  • Be aware that any discussions of a personal nature should take place in private.

  • Be aware of their responsibilities in supporting students to access appropriate advice and guidance. Members of staff may give general advice relating to sexual health and drug use including the location of sexual health and drug agency services that are available.

  • Expect the cooperation and trust of parents and carers.

  • Be flexible and trusting in their relationship with the parent/carer and the student.

  • Be aware of appropriate support available to students within the Academy.

  • Be aware that if a student has embarked upon, or is contemplating a course of conduct which is likely to place them at moral or physical risk or in breach of the law, another responsible adult should be informed.

  • Comply with Academy policy and the Principal’s instructions at all times.

  • To ensure the implementation of these guidelines we have a commitment to training and to giving on-going support through middle and senior management and the designated teacher for child protection.