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EAL First Certificate in Engineering Technology

Curriculum Progress Leader: Skills Centre Plus

Level 2 Technical Award

Graded Pass, Merit & Distinction 1 exam 1 centre assessed tasks

Unit 1: Engineering environment awareness

Unit 2: Engineering techniques

Unit 3: Engineering principles


1 hour on-screen exam

Unit 31: Motor Vehicle Maintenance Safety Practices (25%)

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What are the benefits of the course?

  • Develops skills and understanding which will be of use generally and as part of a progressive career path to further technical or academic engineering qualifications
  • Offers a useful introduction for students who intend to continue to the Engineering, Motor Vehicle or Manufacturing and Product Design Diplomas

How will I be assessed?

  • The course consists of 3 mandatory units, delivered at Skills Centre PLUS over a 2 year period
  • These units are assessed by an on-line exam which is externally assessed and moderated, and counts for 75% of the qualification
  • Unit 31 is a controlled assessment, internally assessed and counts for 25% of the qualification

What key skills will I develop on the course?

  • Quality issues – tolerances and using accurate measurement systems
  • Planning and organisation – organising the work, planning sequences of operations
  • Analyse and revise the completed project, taking into account how it could be improved
  • Engineering processes including material removal, shaping and manipulation, joining and assembly, heat and chemical treatment and surface finishing
  • Machine operations such as turning, milling or routing, drilling, cutting, sawing, casting, etc.

What will this qualification allow me to do?

  • Engineering related qualifications (engineering, mechanical, motor vehicle, etc)
  • Apprenticeships or engineering award courses

*Please seek advice about post 16 progression. Certain GCSE grades are required for the above courses.