21st July 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

I am sharing with you the plans for our September reopening for all students. When I wrote to you all at this point last year we were very much unsure as to what we were reopening to, when covid guidance was being updated and very much in the dark with regards to what might be permissible.

It is such a good feeling after two years of great uncertainty and at times guesswork to be able to write to you and be in control of what we are sharing going forwards.

In September we will have our usual staggered start to the year. This is even more important as we need to let our new Year 7 students settle into the building and gain confidence in their new surroundings as the class of 2027 begin their next step of their educational journey.

The following students will return on the following days

Tuesday 6th September at 8.20am for a prompt 8.30am start – Year 7 only

Wednesday 7th September at 8.20am for a prompt 8.30am start – All year groups

Thank you again for your support and understanding over recent months. I wish you a safe and happy summer. A more detailed letter will arrive to you all in August in preparation for September.

As always we will use our communication channels to keep you continually updated. Our website https://tsla.realsmartcloud.com/ is the best way to have access to all important information and contacts. Our Academy facebook and twitter accounts are also regularly updated. 

Yours sincerely

Phill Dalowsky