Community and Diversity


The Sponsors have made a commitment to work with North Lincolnshire Local Authority, and in particular the schools and colleges within Scunthorpe. This approach will enable the academy to make a contribution to choice and diversity within the local community as well as ensuring access for academy students to local consortia arrangements.

The following partnerships will form the basis of the way in which the academy will work with others:

Primary schools

There are three main drivers for working with the partner primary schools.

1. To remove the stress and anxiety from the transition process for students and parents.
2. To ensure that there is continuity and progression between the two stages with particular reference to maintaining high standards of attainment.
3. Partnership work on raising standards, which will be of benefit to both to the academy and the primary schools.

Secondary schools, Sixth Form College and Further Education College

The Local Authority and the LSC have been working with the North Lincolnshire schools and Colleges to make the provision for the 14-19 agenda. This has been given further impetus with the development of the BSF programme for Scunthorpe. This local consortium has through negotiation, taken responsibility for delivering all of the new diplomas. The academy will be responsible for Sport and Leisure and will negotiate with the consortia on the further development of the academy offer. Students from the academy will be able to access the other diplomas as they become available through common timetable arrangements. This will be essential to ensure the breadth of provision that the four form entry academy would not be able to provide from its own resources. This arrangement also gives the academy the opportunity to contribute to raising standards across Scunthorpe through the provision of courses. The consortium will have to develop common timetable arrangements and the academy will take an active role in their arrangement.

The arrangements above also relate to continuity and progression Post 16 for academy students. As well as through the consortium links for diplomas the academy will build curriculum links across the curriculum with the colleges to ensure students are aware of opportunities and prepared to maximise their potential. There will also be opportunities for links for specific groups of students, such as the gifted and talented, through these curriculum links. Another example would be through establishing links with work based learning training organisations for those students who are motivated by vocational courses.

The academy will also be proactive in promoting the specialisms of physical education and science in other schools and will offer training and support to middle and senior leaders and colleague practitioners. It may also be the case that other schools, both primary and secondary, will express an interest in developing spirituality through their curriculum and ethos and the academy will be pleased to share their expertise. The role of the specialsms is further developed in the curriculum statement.

ICT Partnership

The consortium for the 14-19 agenda will enable students to move between institutions and this will make it important for the academy and other members of the local consortium to be able to share access to management information and assessment systems. The Scunthorpe schools, through BSF will develop a Common Digital Platform and Virtual Learning Environment. The academy students and staff will benefit from this shared and common resource, which has yet to reach the stage of detailed specification. The academy staff will contribute to this process, with the intention of sharing the same platform. Until this is available the academy will develop the skills of staff and students through adopting a VLE that will enable the development of materials that can easily be transferred. Please see the ICT vision document.


Extended Schools Agenda

The academy will organise a range of activities for students on Saturdays throughout the year and during the school holidays with the target of being open for 50 weeks of the year. The purpose of the activities will be:

  • to raise standards of attainment through revision and extension classes;
  • to provide the opportunity to raise basic skills;
  • to increase the cultural capital of students through clubs and societies based on the specialisms, performing arts and links with the third sector to enable community service;
  • to develop the sense of the academy community through the provision.

The academy is also keen to develop the opportunity for the co-location of facilities, for example health, on the academy site. For this to become a reality the academy understands that it will have to work with the LA in relation to its strategy for the regeneration development of North Lincolnshire.

The wider community

The academy will develop the sporting links with local sports clubs and associations to encourage progression and continuity for academy students as well as promoting sport and physical activity as something valuable in all peoples? lives. Where possible, the academy will make its facilities, for example sports and ICT, available to community groups as part of the academy commitment to life long learning.
Links will be actively sought with the local business community to bring relevance to the curriculum, and to develop the skills for life and work through work experience and work based learning.
Sensitive engagement with the faith community will be particularly important for the academy. Working with faith groups will enable the academy to enrich spiritual development and promote social cohesion. The sponsors will be able to initiate the contacts, which the academy will develop over time, as it gains the trust of other faith groups.
Similarly the sponsors will be able to link the academy with the third sector, charities and voluntary associations, to broaden the curriculum and provide opportunities for students to make a positive contribution. The third sector can enrich extension activities and provide support for vulnerable students.

As noted earlier in the vision and ethos section, parents of academy students will be offered a variety of opportunities to work with the staff to ensure the progress and development of their sons and daughters.

EAL (English Additional Language)

We have specialist staff available to support and mentor our EAL students within the academy. EAL support is tailored to the needs of our students with little or no English easing their transition into the academy from an overseas country or enhancing their English to assist learning in order that they may access the curriculum. Support could include in class support, intervention withdrawal work and English as an Additional Language Intensive Programme (EALIP) which is designed to teach basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Progress is monitored carefully to ensure students achieve target levels.

Within the academy we strive to create a learning environment, curriculum, experiences and relationships in which all individuals can find expression, be nourished and developed. The academy commits itself to creating an environment for everyone that is characterised by our core values of Truth, Justice, Forgiveness, Generosity and Respect.