The academy creates a learning environment, curriculum, experiences and relationships in which all individuals can find expression, be nourished and developed. The academy commits itself to creating an environment for everyone that is characterised by our core values of truth, justice, forgiveness, generosity and respect. House ethos and activities develops resilience in our students to overcome adversity and avoid developing stress and anxiety that might negatively impact their well being and emotional state.

Character education (Personal, social, and health education, British values, citizenship, and relationships and sex education) is delivered through various strands including: a discreet 1 hour lesson/week with form tutors, Raising Aspirations days (RAD), tutor time, reflection time, leadership roles, cross-curricular input, information evenings, personal guidance from the school coach, assemblies & visiting speakers, participation in national  events, work and through service to the community. Character education comprises PSHE, citizenship and relationships and sex education.The school website contains information and links to information about character education. 

The house leader team is responsible for the creation of the character programme and resources. Each half term, training is provided for staff on the forthcoming character education topics by house leaders or guest speakers.


Character Map 2020-21

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