About Us

We are a growing academy, and as from 2012 our Year 7 intake has increased from 120 to 165 students being admitted.  Therefore in 2017, the academy reached its capacity as an academy of 750 students.  Our specialism is sport, with science as our second subject.

The Principal, Mike Adnitt, with his Senior Leadership team: one Director and two Assistant Principal’s – Tony Wood, Phill Dalowsky and Helen West are all very proactively working with staff to transform the opportunities for the students.

We are sponsored by the Diocese of Lincoln and are proactively supported by our Trustees.  Our Chair of Trustees is Mrs Jackie Waters-Dewhurst.  Our vision and ethos are driven by our core values of truth, justice, respect, generosity and forgiveness.

We are part of the North Lincolnshire BSF programme where approximately £11 million was spent refurbishing/rebuilding our current academy.  It was an exciting time for us all, and the result is a fantastic learning environment for our students.