Year Groups

When a student joins the academy, they are placed in a tutor group based on their age.  Each tutor group has approximately 25-30 students, and they are mixed in relation to gender, race, ability, talent and personality.  Each tutor group has two tutors and they have an Achievement Team Leader (ATL) who leads the year group. The team stays with the year group throughout their five years at the academy so that strong relationships are developed, not only with students but also with the families.  We believe in working closely and in partnership with our parents.  Each Achievement Team Leader is supported by a Student Progress Leader who works closely with the year team, as well as support from the SLT.  In each year group, there is at least one dedicated Learning and Teaching Assistant to support students across the curriculum.

Year Achievement Team Leaders Student Progress Leader Learning & Teaching Assistant
Year 7 Mr Ryan Oates Ms Ann Roberts Mrs Mel Woolnough
Year 8 Mr Darren Burt Mrs Terri Loftus Ms Corinne Plaskitt
Year 9 Mrs Nusrat Choudhry Mr Chris Rowbotham Mrs Kate Ellis
Year 10 Mrs Michelle Hill Mrs Cathie Bremner Mrs Janet Lamb
Year 11 Mrs Joey Kock Mr Chris Cowling Mrs Sue Dorling