Year 6 Transition

  Year 7 Class of 2024 Song


Uniform Measuring at The St Lawrence Academy

As you know all students are expected to wear uniform at the academy, the Uniform Policy is attached, and the main items can only be purchased online from our supplier, they can then be delivered directly to your home. We believe that by sourcing the uniform directly, it is better value for money as they are able to sell it to you at cost price. In order for us to be able to guarantee that the correct sizes will be available for you we need to arrange for you to bring your child into the academy to be measured. Sessions will take place on the following dates:-

Tuesday 11th June from 4.00pm to 5.00pm and Wednesday 12th June from 3.00pm to 4.00pm

We will explain specifically what the uniform expectations are, the costs, the options available and advise you about the sizes after measuring your child. You will then need to order the uniform online, this can be done in the academy (you will need a credit or debit card) on the dates above, or at home.