Year 6 Transition

Getting Ready to Start Secondary School

Please follow the link and read the document below for some very good advice.

Starting secondary school can be both exciting and a little bit scary for you and your child.

As parents and carers, preparing for this change and making sure that your child feels able to take the step from primary school can feel difficult.

However, there are many ways in which we can help our children – and ourselves – feel ready.



OUR WAY – Parent workshops

All parents are invited to join us on 3rd September 2019

You’ll be able to see the new year 7 students start their first full day in the St Lawrence Academy. We are then offering Parent workshops to help parents/ carers understand the systems and policies we have in place that complete “ the Academy way “  . 

The sessions are as follows.

  • Attendance
  • Curriculum
  • Progress reports
  • Consultation evenings
  • Class Charts
  • House System
  • Behaviour Expectations

The sessions will be held within the Academy between 8:30-10:15am.

Please contact Mr Cretney for any further information.


As part of the school vision, it is intended that every child will get a residential experience at The St Lawrence Academy. I am very pleased to announce that we are intending to take the students in year 7 on an educational camping experience to Sunflower Park campsite in Laughton. 

We will be taking the students in two groups.

 The first group consisting of students from 7G, 7R and 7E will leave the academy at 8.45 am on Monday 9th September and return to the academy at approximately 3.30pm on Tuesday 10th September and be allowed to go home.

 The second group consisting of students from 7A and 7T will leave academy at 8.45am on Wednesday 11th September and return to the academy at approximately 3.30 pm on Thursday 12th September and be allowed to go home.

Students will be taken by coach to the camp and will take part in curricular activities which will include a hike, shelter building, and team games besides other activities. They will have the experience of camping, cooking on a gas stove, singing camp fire songs, toasting marshmallows and sleeping in a tent! 

We are asking for a contribution of £15 per student to be paid via ParentPay, and we will be providing your son or daughter with a tent, sleeping bag if they require one, cooking equipment and food for both days, as well as all the activities. If your child would like to bring their own sleeping bag they are more than welcome to do so. We advise that clothing is suitable for the weather conditions, warm and old as it may be muddy. The following items are suggested:

  • Old t-shirt – Jumper/hoodies
  • Old trousers – not jeans Walking boots or trainers
  • Waterproof coat/jacket – Sleeping attire
  • Torch – Woolly hat, gloves
  • Small bag/rucksack 

Please contact Mr Cretney for any further information.


A GREAT taste of the Academy day

On Thursday 4th July your child will need to arrive at the front reception of the academy at 8.15am for a prompt start at 8.30am and will be dismissed from there at 2.40pm. They should attend in their normal school uniform. On this day they will enjoy various curriculum activities, including engaging with each other in the year group for the first time around an exciting Art & Design project, an engaging Humanities activity and an explosive Science experiment.

On Friday 5th July your child will again need to arrive at the front reception of the academy at 8.15am for a prompt start at 8.30am and will be dismissed from there at 2.40pm. During this day they will experience a Maths lesson, an English lesson and an introduction to our house system. In the afternoon they will compete in a fun P.E activity. They will need to bring with them their PE kit.

Lunch will be available in the academy diner on both days at no cost to you, to enable your child to sample the academy lunch (normally £2.25). Alternatively a packed lunch can be brought from home.

We invite you and your child to return to the academy for the Induction Evening on Thursday 4th July at 6pm. This will enable us to share with you our expectations and aspirations for the future within the academy, and for you to meet with key academy staff, including your child’s tutors and fellow tutees as well as the rest of the Year 7 tutor team.

  Year 7 Class of 2024 Song


Uniform Measuring at The St Lawrence Academy

As you know all students are expected to wear uniform at the academy, the Uniform Policy is attached, and the main items can only be purchased online from our supplier, they can then be delivered directly to your home. We believe that by sourcing the uniform directly, it is better value for money as they are able to sell it to you at cost price. In order for us to be able to guarantee that the correct sizes will be available for you we need to arrange for you to bring your child into the academy to be measured. Sessions will take place on the following dates:-

Tuesday 11th June from 4.00pm to 5.00pm and Wednesday 12th June from 3.00pm to 4.00pm

We will explain specifically what the uniform expectations are, the costs, the options available and advise you about the sizes after measuring your child. You will then need to order the uniform online, this can be done in the academy (you will need a credit or debit card) on the dates above, or at home.