Vision and Ethos


The academy will work in close collaboration with the local community, other education providers and the local authority. Relationships with parents will be focussed around Academic Review Days (ARDs) and Consultation Evenings for each year group.  We will use this opportunity to:

  • ensure parents understand their child?s progress, their learning objectives and the ways in which they can support their child;
  • agree the PLP for the student for the next term and beyond;
  • facilitate parental engagement and participation.

In addition, half-termly updates on student progress will be sent to all parents and they will have the opportunity to meet with subject teachers, at least, once a year. Particular information and discussion evenings will be organised so that parents will be clear about option processes, the requirements of courses and guidelines about supporting students at each Key Stage. Courses in parenting skills and success through adolescence will be offered on a regular basis.

Parents will be encouraged and supported to play a role in the life of the academy in other ways. Family learning will be offered as part of the wider community engagement strategy wherever demand can be created; basic skills, English as a Second Language, ICT, dance and sport will be the initial focus. The academy will build on existing good practice, working with families through a range of activities (e.g. the Sports Partnership). Information will be available to parents in a variety of forms including remote access using varied technologies with appropriate safeguards. This will include attendance, achievement tracking and curriculum data relevant to their child. The academy will seek to use a range of events, venues and staff to engage parents (and potential parents e.g. of local primaries).

To ensure that academy students have access to a broad curriculum, particularly in relation to the 14-19 agenda, the academy will be active partners in local consortia arrangements by working with the Local Authority and other schools and colleges in Scunthorpe and the surrounding area.

The vision for partnerships and working with others is further elaborated in the working with others statement:

  • is open to discovering values from beyond their immediate experience of life and to being changed by what they discover;
  • has the spirit to persevere, show moral courage and represent their values;
  • is motivated by the love of others, who accords importance to the views and needs of other people and who draws on this in their relationships with others;
  • empathises with others, sharing their joys, pain, distress, success or failures;
  • serves others, and seeks fulfilment through service;
  • can appreciate beauty and the wonder of the world around them;
  • is motivated to ask and seek answers to the ultimate questions of the human condition.

Opportunities for spiritual development will be found across the whole curriculum, in the nature of the interactions between people, the approach to learning and teaching and the range of experiences, both routine and exceptional, that are offered to students and staff.

The Local Authority vision for BSF establishes the Diversity Resource Base for North Lincolnshire at the Academy. The academy supports this development and is committed to working with the LA to provide inclusion and diversity support to students, families and other schools.