The Academy Day

At the academy, our academic year is based around three terms – autumn, spring and summer.  Generally our dates fit in with North Lincolnshire with the exception of our staff inset days which are different.

The academy day is based on modules of one hour which my be in multiples for different subject areas i.e. in PE, students may have a two hour lesson whilst in Music they may have a one hour lesson.  Each day starts at 8:30am with Tutor.  Our days are of varying lengths, on Monday and Tuesday the taught day finishes at 3:45pm, on Wednesday and Thursday the taught day finishes at 2:45pm and on Friday it finishes at 1:05pm.  The structure of the week works well for our students.  They have 26 compulsory taught hours along with many other opportunities to attend enrichment activities.

We are currently using a single lunch system which is arranged as follows:

Year 10 and Year 11 are on first sittings for lunch – 1:15 to 1:30

Year 7/8/9 are on second lunch sitting – 1:30 to 1:45

Lunchtime supervision and organisation will mean that we anticipate students will go straight to lunch for their sitting without queuing in the wings. The outdoor area at the rear of the dinner will be fully open for circulation and the outdoor food server will be open at both break and lunch time.