Support for Students

The academy learning and teaching policy will clearly state that it is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that lessons are planned to meet the needs of all students in the teaching group. The academy programme for Continuous Professional Development will help staff to develop their skills in order that they can meet this requirement effectively.

Every student will have 2 academic tutors and a personal learning plan (PLP), which is reviewed on a regular basis by the tutors, student and parents. This process will identify strengths and weaknesses and enable the mentor to inform staff so that they can plan accordingly.

However, there will be some students that will require additional support both at entry to the academy and during their academy career. For the small number of students entering the academy with very low levels of literacy and emotional and behavioural difficulties a nurture group will be established, which will be the responsibility of a specialist teacher supported by teaching assistants. The curriculum will concentrate on basic skills and developing attitudes and behaviour. Each student will have an educational support plan built into their PLP, with short-term targets and a heavy emphasis on rewards. This provision will be reviewed every term and when students have achieved sufficient progress they will be placed in one of the other teaching groups. This provision will be continued in Year 8 if there is a student need and it is envisaged that it is unlikely to continue into Year 9 as students will have sufficiently developed their skills to join other teaching groups.

Students that join the academy with reading ages more than one year behind their chronological age but not necessarily placed in the nurture group, will be placed on a reading recovery programme. This will be taught during time allocated to the integrated curriculum and enrichment. It will be maintained until students have achieved the fluency necessary to enable them to progress through the normal curriculum.

Students in KS4 that find the demands of course work difficult to fulfil will access additional support time so that they can use enrichment, foundation learning programmes and a reduced number of options to enable them to complete their work.

Students with statements of Special Educational Needs will have their provision allocated through the SENCO with regards to the academy policy for special educational needs.

Gifted and Talented

The academy has a leader responsible for the identification of gifted and talented students. This person co-ordinates the provision, monitoring and evaluation of their progress. The specialisms will play an important role through differentiated timetable provision, a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities and, participation in local, regional and national competitions and events. All subject leaders will have the responsibility of making similar provision and will have the opportunity through enrichment and extra-curricular activities to provide students with additional qualifications.