Sports and PE

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Physical Education Vision Statement

We aim to develop individual skills, teamwork, and leadership through participation in physical activity.

The Aim of Physical Education

The aim of Physical Education is to provide appropriate opportunities and experiences for individuals to achieve their optimum potential. Physical Education is primarily concerned with physical capabilities but the associated aspects of knowledge and understanding are also vital components for all children. Additionally the development of personal skills within a social setting can be enhanced by participating in an appropriate and sensitively designed Physical Education programme.

Planning, performing and evaluating therefore are important components which have to be pursued according to each individual’s needs and strengths. It is to be acknowledged that the aim of Physical Education is to encompass enjoyment and satisfaction and thereby encourage a lifelong commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Fundamental Aims of the Department:

  • To encourage and motivate all students to develop their full potential through a range of purposeful, yet enjoyable activities within a challenging environment.
  • To develop an understanding of the benefits of participation in physical activity now and in later life.
  • To enable students to be familiar with a body of knowledge, principles and vocabulary related to P.E.
  • To develop an appreciation of skilful and creative performances in a variety of sports activities.
  • To develop the spirituality of all students by promoting the Academy’s 5 core Christian values.
  • To employ teaching methods and resources that allow all students (irrespective of their gender, ethnic origin, academic ability, etc.) to have equal access to P.E., and to experience success and enjoyment in their P.E. work.
  • To show equality in developing opportunities for all students and foster the culture of inclusion.
  • To promote the development of interpersonal skills (organisation, co-operation, initiative and responsibility) and to heighten self esteem, whilst encouraging tolerance of and respect for other groups and individuals.
  • To provide the necessary stimuli to encourage the development of decision making, imaginative thinking and problem solving.
  • To encourage students to develop personal qualities of commitment, fairness and enthusiasm and an appreciation of honest competition and good sportsmanship.
  • To allow students to develop informed opinions and to be able to support them by reasonable arguments.
  • To provide students with the opportunities to work with others in the wider community.
  • To make students aware of local community sports clubs where they can build upon skills learnt in the Academy and further develop their social skills.
  • To enrich the personal development of students by offering leadership opportunities within the PE curriculum and beyond.