The two specialisms, sports and science, will play a major role in raising standards in the academy and promoting lifelong learning in the community and enable all academy students to be successful by:

  • providing a wide range of curricular experiences that will facilitate spiritual development;

  • raising standards of literacy and numeracy by integrating their development into their schemes of work and lesson planning as well as supporting other departments in their planning, learning and teaching;

  • providing leadership for all aspects of the healthy living agenda through their curriculum and coordinating the input of other subject areas both for staff and students;

  • achieving GCSE and BTEC results in physical education and science that compare favourably with other specialist schools and academies through outstanding learning and teaching experiences;

  • providing a range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities to enable students to broaden their experience and achieve exceptional standards in their chosen activities;

  • enabling students to participate in local and national events and competitions;

  • raising the expectations of academy colleagues and the local community through students achieving outstanding levels of attainment and exemplary standards of personal development;

  • providing training and development for colleagues on classroom pedagogy, the use of assessment for learning and behaviour management;

  • providing leadership training for colleagues with regard to team leadership and performance management;

  • forming links with the local community that will extend the curriculum and provide continuity and progression for students into college courses and work based learning;

  • training science and physical education teachers through the teacher training programmes and linking with other local providers of teacher training to share good practice. The academy will consider applying for “training school” status as it develops capacity in delivering the programme;

  • providing a programme of continuous professional development for specialist staff to ensure that their knowledge, skills and understanding of their subject and their role in the academy is of the highest standard;

  • planning monitoring and evaluating their contribution to the academy and taking action whenever performance is less than outstanding.