Revision and/or Homework Sites

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General / All Subjects
Gondar Design Biology –
Concentrated revision notes and diagrams covering key stage 4 Biology. Ideal for students following the single subject at GCSE. Excellent for final examination revision.
Business Revision website
Chemistry Central –
There are full-colour worksheets, and around three hundred pages of question sheets and practical guides for GCSE Chemistry.
Computer Science
English Language
My Dynamic Learning –
User names and passwords have been issued to all students for both the above English websites. Please see Ms Graham or Mrs Porter if you cannot log in.
English Biz –
Revision guides for coursework, homework and exams. Please follow the non-fiction writing links.
Bonjour –
For students from key stage 3, through to A level. Includes vocabulary, language knowledge and pronunciation.
Username: the student’s network logon; Password: academy1
Username: stlawren  Password: stlawren
Cool Geography AQA Revision –
School History –
Covers British and world history with worksheets, quizzes and lessons. Highly recommended.
Maths Revision –
This site provides printable study notes and help for GCSE maths students, covering some Grade C foundation topics and higher tier topics.
Maths Made Easy –
Gain confidence by lots of practise with free maths revision resources for GCSE Maths.
MyMaths –
The generic username is tsla15, the password is polygon, then each student has their own unique log in for the next level. This has booster packs, tutorials and activities at all levels.
Physical Education/Sport
Teach PE resources and revision materials –
BBC GCSE Bitesize PE –
Brain Mac –
Both look at fitness testing and training.
Cyberphysics –
Revision, background reading, preparation for examinations.
Religious Education
Useful for practicing past exam questions.     
A comprehensive guide for students of Religious Studies
Christianity website with useful information on the topics studied.
Video website that includes a wide range of short videos on the topics we have been studying.
Includes brief revision notes on topics such as animal rights, marriage, abortion etc.
Includes revision notes on Human Rights, Medical Ethics, Equality, and Peace and Justice.
A variety of interactive quizzes on the topics we have studied.
A variety of revision videos for the Edexcel RE exam.  The videos cover a wide range of topics studied for our AQA exams.
Username: Lawrence / Password: apple 
Username: stlawren  Password: stlawren – topic based games – vocab
Spanish AQA gcse vocabulary practice.
GCSE Spanish practice papers – higher/foundation – specification
Grammar practice worksheets, quizzes, reading.
Grammar practice – exercises.
Technology Student –
This website contains numerous information sheets and exercises to enhance the study, and understanding of design and technology.