Pupil Premium

In summary the grant will be used in 2017 -2018 for the following:

  • A dedicated amount of time from Student Services Manager, and other staff, EWO extra days
  • An increase in provision for English, Maths and Science one to one tutoring and a target to ensure that all of FSM students are worked with, extra sets (6 sets for 5 tutor groups)
  • Year 11 English, Maths and Science OoHL extra activities, weekends, holidays, after school
  • The deployment of English, Maths and Science specialist staff to provide and extra set for students that have low literacy levels at KS3. This will include all students at a disadvantage
  • Consultancy work – CPD opportunities with the English, Maths and Science curriculum areas to ensure that schemes of work are designed to specifically focus on getting the students with very low literacy and numeracy levels to a Level 4 by the end of Year 7
  • Staff delivery of after academy sessions to support the Year 7 students that are below expected levels of attainment
  • Utilising a specific EAL member of staff to work with families who have English as an Additional Language to help them support their children
  • Supporting visually impaired students
  • Support with extra-curricular provision and visits to ensure high levels of participation that include those at a disadvantage
  • Appointment of an extended school/community liaison member of staff to offer support and guidance for the targeted families
  • Extra support from the EWS
  • Careers input
  • Appointment of a student coach to support students experiencing emotional problems


Looked After Children (LAC) 2017- 2018

The academy currently has 4 students that are Looked After Children, the number for 2017/2018 academic year was 6 students. We have one LAC in Year 7, three in Year 11.

There is much intervention and support that is central to the achievement and attainment of all students at the academy.  However, specific resource is placed on FSM and Looked After Children.  Many of the interventions and strategies that are mentioned above were specifically offered to LAC in the 2017/2018 academic year.  All provision below is in addition to the provision that is designated through the PEP (Personal Education Plan) meetings.

The pupil premium grant for 2017/2018 will be targeted in a more specific way for these 6 children this academic year with the intention of a core entitlement being established and its impact monitored by ATLs, SPLs, Tutors and Heads of House with the oversight being the responsibility of the LAC Coordinator.  The core entitlement is in addition to the other provisions targeted at FSM students.


Core Entitlement (LAC) 2017 – 2018

  • All LAC will be entitled to additional tutoring/mentoring for any subject through a request by their Subject Teacher/ATL, regardless of year group
  • All LAC will be guided and supported by a specific mentor who will meet with them and have  discussions around attainment
  • All LAC will be considered for financial support for any specific academy educational/enrichment trip
  • All LAC will automatically appear on the Student Services Manager’s case load for attendance
  • All LAC will be entitled to financial support for resources to support with their learning to be agreed with the SENCO/LAC Coordinator
  • All LAC will have at least two meetings per annum with the careers advisor
  • All LAC will take part in trips to universities/colleges to encourage aspirations for Higher Education