Pupil Premium

FSM total

2013/2014         19% (ever 6, 37%)   

2014/2015         18% (ever 6, 40%)

2015/2016         18% (ever 6, 44%)

2016/2017         18% (ever 6, 44%)

2017/2018          21% (ever 6,47%)


2013 – 2014   Total Grant = £223,200 (LAC £8100)

2014 – 2015   Total Grant = £236,555  (LAC £15,200)

2015 – 2016   Total Grant = £252,762  (LAC £12,900)

2016 – 2017   Total Grant = £271,246   (LAC £8,820)


Pupil Premium Cost Description Expenditure
Student Welfare and Support Coordinator To support students with particular needs, coordinating meetings and other external agency work to support our most vulnerable groups £5,000
Breakfast and Afternoon Tea Club Staffing provision and students are provided with free breakfast and afternoon tea whilst taking part/attending club to do homework, catch up, play games £10,000
Professional attendance support Follow up of attendance concerns

Attendance consultancy

Careers advice to support aspiration and improve motivation, and therefore attainment and achievement Interviews with  targeted students on FSM as well as other vulnerable learners £6,500
English, Science and Maths after school tuition, free course texts, holiday and weekend revision sessions as well as free revision guides English, Science and Maths specialists used to provide one to one tuition and small group tuition after school to support with these subjects.  In particular, FSM/PP students  targeted £20,000
Darley Centre, Coritani, 7KS, Fluent, Skills Study Centre To support KS3/4 students in an alternative provision following a personalised curriculum.  Providing outward bound courses, camping, mentoring… £24,000
Student Progress Leaders (SPLs) working with specific year groups To support the transition of students from Year 6 to Year 7and KS3 to KS4, with particular attention to FSM students as well as providing daily support for targeted FSM students in their year group £35,000
Lead staff for identified areas Outstanding teachers who have specific responsibilities and to lead/support staff in literacy, numeracy, nurture, behaviour  and motivation, SEN, G&T and digital technologies £20,550
Some smaller class sizes to improve attainment in all year groups The smaller class sizes require a higher level of staffing.  The low class sizes have been maintained in part using money from the Pupil Premium Grant so that FSM students can be fully supported and targeted by teaching staff in a less pressured environment.  Having an average set size of 20/25 rather than 30 costs on average an additional 6 members of staff.  The cost of this alone exceeds the Pupil Premium grant however £90,000 is put towards it and the rest is drawn for the annual salary budget £82,000
Trips, Residentials, Resources Access to OoH  opportunities – trips along with resources that may be required, residentials, tuition…

All Year 7 students go on an activity weekend in September and this is subsidised for all students but the cost is covered for PP students.

Any PP student who wished to attend other residentials or day trips organised by the academy are funded based on interest and need so that all are able to participate

Access to a wide range of online study support resources that can be accessed at home or in the after academy sessions provided. E.g Show my Homework, PiXL, GCSEpod, Mymaths, Maths Watch, Active Learn Reduce gaps in outcomes and secure increased level of progress by using home learning to close gaps and challenge further. £10,000
Student Coach and Mental Health and Well-Being Support Targeted 1-1 support for identified students. Daily drop in sessions available to discuss social, emotional and mental health issues. £15,000
Formula 24 Greenpower Targeted project for identified students to increase engagement in STEM. £5,000
A Nurture Programme A Nurture programme for targeted students, in a special base is organised every break, lunch time and two afternoons after the end of the day £10,000
Focused deployment of Teaching Assistants in core subjects (Mathematics, English and Science). Improving the attainment of disadvantaged students in core subjects. £10,000
Reading Stars programme A reading programme developed by Scunthorpe United Study Park. Students use football themed literacy resources to engage them in intervention sessions. £500
Lexia Literacy Programme Targeted resource to improve literacy outcomes. £2,070

Total Grant  2017 – 2018 = £276,930    LAC – £7,600