Principal’s Blog

Welcome to my weekly blog.

I start with a big thank you to the staff team which has been adapting to the situation we find ourselves in.

A total of 138 video lessons were uploaded to all year groups last week, a terrific effort.

Additional to these are the considerable resources and homework tasks posted on Class Charts for students to pick up.

Each video lesson is being recorded in the academy in a controlled environment.

As well as knowing how many are being uploaded, we can see the download response.

The statistics are great and I’d like to thank our students and parents / carers for their continued support.

The system is up and running in a few short weeks and I am grateful to the staff for their support and ongoing efforts to ensure it is sustainable.

We need to get used to this new way of teaching and learning as I do not believe we will be back to anything like normal in September.

Trustees meet next Monday (15th) to discuss our plans around a cautious return to the academy for our newly promoted Year 11s (formerly Year 10s) on the 22nd June.

We will communicate the decision to parents and carers but, as I have said before, we propose to start with small numbers in a safe manner.

The academy is looking very different, with social distancing measures in place. Classrooms with 10 desks and chairs are ready for that initial intake of students.

At least we do not have the issues of some. Our self-contained, unisex toilets – put in when the academy was rebuilt – are appropriate for social distancing.

The plan is to grow the Year 11 numbers slowly but only when it is safe to do so for staff and students.

On another important matter, we have received communication from students around the #BlackLivesMatter campaign.

I recognise the impact of this worldwide campaign on our academy. Justice, forgiveness, and respect are among our core values and inextricably linked to the way we work.

Finally, as always, if students need to talk to somebody about work or anything else, please contact tutors or heads of year. They are there to help.

Mr Adnitt