Principal’s Blog

Welcome to my first blog of the new half term.

I hope students enjoyed their break and are ready for a final seven weeks of the academic year none of us could have imagined when it started.

We have all had to adapt and we are where we are.

It has not been easy but, having read the new Government guidance released last week, parents can be reassured about our plans.

The wording around reopening from after the 15th is for those schools which can. We have a provisional plan in place which is ready to roll out after that date if we feel it is appropriate to do so.

We will be writing to parents of each year group at the end of this week with more details and our trustees will make a final decision on re-opening to Year 10s next week. That will be based on what is right for our students and subject to all health and safety concerns being met.

If we do start welcoming back Year 10 from after the 15th, it will be in very small numbers and on a part-time basis.

We know we are unlikely to see Years 7, 8 and 9 before September so it is important all pupils log on, do their work, and keep in touch.

On that note, there was a great start to video lessons yesterday, with the importance of such face-to-face contact also mentioned in the latest Government guidance.

We can see many logged on. Hopefully, the videos and presentations are making home learning easier and more interesting. They can log back in at any time through Class Charts to see them again.

When students do return, it will be to a recovery curriculum.

This will consolidate the learning done at home and gently ease them into the classroom environment.

It will consider the social impact of the lockdown period as well as support their academic work.

This will not have been an easy experience for many students, but we will do our best to ensure any long-term lockdown effect is kept to a minimum.

We will all be feeling our way – it has been 10 long weeks.

But it would be great to see a few more faces around the academy. If we do welcome some Year 10 students back from after June 15th, please be assured that it will be well planned and with the approval of our academy trustees.

Finally, as always, if students need to talk to somebody about work or anything else, please contact tutors or heads of year. They are there to help.

Mr Adnitt