Principal’s blog

Welcome to my blog.

Most importantly this week, may I thank parents and carers for their fantastic support and understanding during this difficult time.

All our lives have been turned upside down and it is not easy for any of us.

But knowing the tremendous efforts of the academy’s staff are appreciated by our parents means an awful lot.

We may not get it right all the time, but we are doing our best. And parents are recognising that.

Like everybody else, we will be looking out for any changes in Government guidance this week mentioned by the Prime Minister last Thursday.

We know there will not be a full return to school but there could be a phased approach.

The staff team has discussed different scenarios to ensure, when asked, we are ready.

Our priority, like the Government’s, is the safety of our pupils and staff. Nothing will be done to compromise this.

So we wait and see and, in the meantime, continue with our new approach to learning.

Students should keep logging in to Class Charts where there is lots of information and learning resources.

For those not able to access the internet, we will continue to post out materials.

We do understand it is not easy and students are not always able to send work back.

We are looking at ways of making the learning more personalised.

In terms of Year 11 results, staff are working hard to ensure no student is disadvantaged.

Teachers have a clear quality assurance process to follow which will result in as fair and accurate grades as possible being submitted.

Away from work, our students need to continue to do their bit.

Stay at home but, when you make essential journeys, keep safe and ensure you are socially distancing.

Finally, if students need to talk to somebody about work or anything else, please ring tutors or heads of year. They are ready to help.

Mr Adnitt