Year 9 Pathways Food\Music\D&T

The team within Technology and Music have been working together to look at how we can make your time in year 9 more tailored to your interests and strengths.
This process will give you the opportunity to look at the subject outlines teachers in Technology and Music have created for you to gain an understanding of the contents of the year ahead.
Please read ALL of the subject outlines before answering the google form, then put your choices in order from 1 to 4, 1 being the one you wish to study most to the one you least want to study.
I must stress we need these responses in ASAP so we can look at the numbers to create the groups and those that do not respond may find they do not get their first choices.
Read all outlines first then fill in the google form ASAP.
You will only have ONE attempt at completing the form.