Music Technology

music2The Music Department is based in the East Wing with a specialist music room, two practice rooms and a store room. Rehearsals are conducted in the music room and practice rooms. In addition, the Department makes regular use of the School Hall which houses a sound system for both lesson work and school performances.

Students have access to a range of resources including:

  • A bank of laptops running Sibelius O’Generator and Dance Ejay
  • Applemacs running Garageband
  • Yamaha Electronic Keyboards
  • Recording equipment
  • Acoustic and Electric Guitars
  • Electric Bass
  • Percussion instruments
  • African Drums
  • Recorders
  • Woodwind, string and brass?instruments
  • Acoustic Drum Kit

Click here to view the “Please can I learn to play a musical instrument?” Booklet?- a guide for parents/carers.

Click here to view the “How do I Become a Music Leader?” Club Booklet? -? a guide for students.