Lincoln Diocese Secondary Schools Festival

On the 17th October our year 9 students visited Lincoln Cathedral as part of our Raising Achievement Day. We took part in the Lincoln Diocese Secondary Schools Festival along with other Church of England Secondary Schools from around the Diocese. The students had a great time taking part in a wide variety of workshops including hand bell ringing, photography, birds of prey, embroidery, apothecary and medieval painting. They had a tour of the Cathedral and took part in a singing workshop. To end the day we joined together in worship and thanksgiving with our friends from other schools.

Our students said

“There were so many action shots, so many beautiful photography moments”. – Aysha Akhtar

“The Cathedral was an amazing place. I really advise you to go”. – Jakub Cierniak

“I really enjoyed the whole day. As I love science apothecary was really interesting and seeing how medicine and science has evolved over time is extraordinary”. – Rinaz Amir

“Embroidery was quite an amusing workshop. We made little pictures of crosses out of sewn string to take home. So not only did I receive a lot of information about how sewing is religiously important to Christians I also developed my sewing skills. So that was pretty cool”. – Aaliyah Gul

“During the tour we noticed there were a lot of stained glass windows as people were unable to read back then so the stained glass windows were used to explain different stories”. – Ambreen Choudhury

“The day I spent at Lincoln Cathedral was fantastic. I learnt things that I didn’t know before and just had a great time; So thank you for creating such a wonderful day. – Caitlyn Sykes