Students use the language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing alongside the acquisition of grammar and vocabulary to cover topic areas such as family, school, hobbies, numbers, and animals, moving towards more mature topics in KS4 for example, The Environment; Technology in Everyday Life; Career Choices and Ambitions; Travel and Tourism; and Healthy and Unhealthy Living. The communication skills developed during the courses are highly valued in the work place and the ability to speak a foreign language makes students very attractive to employers, preparing them well for the global economy.

Key Stage 3
In KS3 emphasis is placed on using French or Spanish as a real means of communication in the classroom, thus building up confidence and a sense of achievement among students. Language is built up using front-of-class teaching resources using a digital platform (including for homework); text books; teacher-prepared resources; and a variety of language games from the Activiscope website.

Key Stage 4
The work of KS3 is built on as students prepare for awards through the AQA GCSE French and Spanish exams. Students are assessed in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing which will take place at the end of Year 11 (from 2018 onwards). Some students take AQA GCSE Polish if this is their native language.

Why Study Languages?
With the use of a variety of teaching methods and resources, the aim of our language curriculum is to develop a working knowledge of European languages, coupled with an increase in understanding of an ever-increasing global citizenship. We encourage, through language learning, a positive attitude towards other cultures and countries. Students are offered the opportunity to learn French and Spanish, supplemented by extra-curricular activities and visits. Language qualifications lead not only to employment in travel, tourism, teaching and translating but are in ever-increasing demand in the public services, technology and engineering sectors.

French Vocabulary Booklet

GCSE Spanish Specification