KS3 Curriculum

The academy’s KS3 curriculum is designed to ensure that students maintain their progress through transition, to build their confidence through personal and spiritual development and to equip students with the skills to make them successful lifelong learners.

As a result of these strategies the students will join Year 7 knowing the academy staff, they will be familiar with the academy site and confident that their parents understand the ambition that the academy has for their progress and development. The relationships between the Primary staff and the academy staff will mean that student prior attainment, including strengths and weaknesses, will be understood and can be built into personal learning and lesson plans. The transition units will give academy staff first hand experience of the standards students are achieving and, give them confidence in setting ambitious targets for progress.

Students will spend the first week in Year 7 grouped in their tutor groups for all lessons. This allows students to benefit socially by getting to know the rest of their tutor group and their academy House before being placed in sets. Setting is separate for 5 subjects: Maths, English, Science, PE and Technology. Students will be in the same set for Humanities, Languages, RE, ICT and Enterprise. In KS3, all students will access 4 hours of Maths and English, and 3 hours of Science.

When students join the academy they will also be excited by the opportunity to follow our specialist subjects of Sport and Science within purpose built facilities.