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Update – May 2016

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It never fails to amaze me when I look up from the village where I stay and see the school perched up on the side of the mountain.  The day always starts with an assembly and a reflective reading by one of the students.  I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see the small building with the first proper flushing toilet with running water, and also fresh running drinking water for the students.  The school has also introduced the school diary for the next academic year similar to our academy planner.

It was nice to see the resources that I left for them the last time being used by the teachers, with the teacher conducting her lesson with the use of posters – something that was not done previously.  The idea behind the May 2016 visit was to introduce creative lessons. This has never been done here, so we had 2 days’ teacher training to show the teachers what to do. The creative lessons had to be kept simple to start with and we had to be careful what we did so they could still do them using different resources if they ran out of the one’s I took.

We started with name cards and wrote our English name on the front and our Nepalese name on the reverse side – a great exercise so the children could put their name cards on the desk when visitors arrive. We also made some plate flowers out of scraps of paper and leaves.  The one thing the children hadn’t experienced was the use of floor puzzles. The staff attempted to do them and much fun was had. They were introduced to some of the students the next day as part of their maths lesson along with some brightly coloured shapes. The kids now love doing maths lessons.

The one thing our academy is fabulous at doing is showing off student’s work. Before I went in May, I took some pictures of all display boards to show them how to display student’s work. Not sure how long it will remain up due to the ever changing weather.