Reasons for Setting Homework

1. Homework provides a considerable increase in the study time during a students academy career.

2. It helps the development of self direction and working independently.

3. It reinforces learning.

4. It allows differentiation of work according to abilities of the individual.

5. It exploits resources which are not available in the academy.

6. It informs parents about the work in the academy and encourages their involvement in students’ work.

Parents and Homework

We ask parents to support us by seeing that homework is done conscientiously. Parents can log onto the “Show My Homework” website using their unique pin number.  This online system can be accessed via the academy website or www.showmyhomework.co.uk

Monitoring of Homework

Subject Leaders will monitor the quality and quantity of the home  learning tasks in their subject area.  Form Tutors will support students with their management of home learning tasks.

Department Policies

Each Head of Department is responsible for ensuring that there is a Homework Policy and for ensuring that all members of the department follow this policy.